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About Me: Mackenzie Steffen by j500
January 18, 2009, 4:38 pm
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mackblogI live in my mother’s basement in Topeka. I know that sounds creepy, but it’s true and I love it. I’m very close to my crazy family. I decided advertising wasn’t for me, so I left Texas to live rent free with Mom while I go to grad school for journalism.

I got my undergrad in Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University. I love fashion but I’m not a designer and I definitely don’t have the budget for my sick love of handbags.

I’m obsessed with health and fitness (for real people) and would love to write for a mag in that genre. I’m really interested in food (mostly eating it) and the outdoors so I think I will get a lot from this class.

California is my destination of choice after graduation. I have a physical need to live near the ocean. Plus, my favorite cousin lives there and has a couch with my name on it (temporarily, of course).

Right now I’m working as a teller in a Topeka bank. My branch is located in a grocery store and unfortunately we are basically a check cashing stand for crackheads. Some of our customers are great and kind of make up for all of the crazies we deal with. Banking is not my passion.

So, I fill my days with good food, cocktails, music, my dog (child), and daydreaming.

Sorry for all of the parenthetical phrases (I’m working on it).


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I miss the ocean! It was beautiful on Friday and I saw dolphins on the way to the airport. Where abouts does your cousin live?

Comment by meganr21

She lives in Huntington Beach and teaches in Long Beach. Where are you from?

Comment by mackenzies09

I’m from Culver City, about 45 minutes from your cousin – depending on the traffic.

Comment by meganr21

I’ve been to California once and I loved it.

Comment by tylerw09

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