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About Me: Megan Richards by j500
January 18, 2009, 11:37 am
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My name is Megan Richards and I’m from California – I do not live next to a movie star, I am terrible at surfing, I am not a millionaire, and I have never aspired to be an actress.

I moved to Kansas in August of 2007 to work on my masters in museum studies. I’ll be honest, my time in Kansas hasn’t been easy – just like I don’t fit every stereotype about California, not everyone in the Midwest is wonderful and nice and unfortunately I’ve had to deal with some of the cruel and ignorant ones. The last 6 months have been especially tough, I never had to deal with death before this June. My grandpa died, then a few weeks later one of my friends, then the next week my gram. I wasn’t ready for any of it.

My best times in Kansas were hanging out with David. I met David in May of ’08 we had all sorts of amazing adventures until December when he moved to Oregon (another event I wasn’t ready for). We hiked and camped, visited lots of zoos and museums, watched the election, went to a rodeo and did lots of daily mundane stuff together. He even took me to see a baby tiger. img_5199

Before I came to Kansas I received my B.S. in entomology from the University of California, Davis. I’ve been volunteering at various institutions for the last 9 years, and while I love science I love teaching about it even more. I’m currently interning at the Topeka Zoo and working at the KU Natural History Museum in the Public Education department and Entomology Collection.

I’ll be graduating in May and I can’t wait for my next set of adventures.



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I plan on living in California. I would rather not live next to a celebrity, I’ve never surfed, will probably never be a millionaire and couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag. I came to Kansas from Texas. I don’t listen to country, I’m not a republican and I can’t verbalize the “word” y’all. Funny how stereotypes persist.

Comment by mackenzies09

I am so sorry to hear you’ve had such a challenging time. I hope that this class will be a bright spark. I suspect you will meet a number of lovely people with whom you will resonate.
My best,

Comment by j500

Megan: I’m sorry too, to hear about your challenges. I’m writing because I think you are the person who posted something about your ancestors named Crites and I have photographs of the people you mentioned. I hope you will e-mail me, as we are distantly related and I’d love to exchange.

Comment by Gail

I think you have the wrong Megan, sorry, I’ve never posted anything on anyone named Crites.

Comment by meganr21

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