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About Me: Just Aly by j500
January 16, 2009, 5:33 pm
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Hey, everyone. My name’s Aly. I say ‘just Aly’ because I was kind of given a complex about my last name in middle school, so we’ll stick with only the first profile name unless anyone really, really wants to know what my last name is.

I’m originally from Topeka, Kan., but spent my first two years of college in Tucson, Ariz., attending The University of Arizona (yes, our mascot is the wildcats, but our colors are red and blue, so I thought it was a nice compromise to Kansas).

At KU, I’m a journalism major, environmental studies minor and a political science 3×3. The environmental studies classes here are absolutely great, so if you have any extra time in your schedules, I highly recommend Professor Nuckolls EVRN 148 – great stuff.

I’ve worked for two environmental magazines in the past year. The first in Tucson as the “Green Campus Liaison” (though I always thought that title was a little ironic given that there is hardly anything green in Arizona), and the second was Mother Earth News in Topeka, Kan. I left Mother this semester to work in Lawrence, but I absolutely love the magazine and the people who work there. They have a great Web site, so you should definitely check it out. Oh, and add them on Facebook. I promise they won’t stalk you.

The thing I’m always amazed with by environmental engineering and technology is that there never seems to be enough time to read it all, let alone keep up with everything that’s constantly changing. I can’t wait to delve deeper into this realm of innovation this semester.

I really look forward to meeting all of you and hope you had a fantastic break.

See you in a week.


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We must have worked at Ogden together. I am an Herb Companion veteran.

Comment by jessicasb

For Greenpeace, we threw a lot of events and collected a lot of letters and phone calls to our politicians, mostly!

My favorite place on Mass to get coffee is La Prima Tazza. 🙂

Comment by jessicasb

Oh man that’s great! When did you work for the Herb? I miss the place already. That drive was pretty rough though.

I’ve been to La Prima Tazza. It was pretty good. I’m a big fan of the Java Stop on 7th. Amazing white hot chocolate, but I guess that doesn’t count as coffee…

Comment by alyv

Yeah, the environmental impact was one reason I finally gave up dairy (although I think I definitely had it easier switching to veganism, since I don’t like the taste of meat I wasn’t “having to” give it up). You’d definitely be welcome. We meet once monthly at 6p the ECM, usually the last Wednesday or Tuesday of the month (although that changes sometimes). This month we’re meeting Wed, 28 Jan. If you go to the meetup site you can sign up and get notifications about each month’s gathering.

Comment by marybethw

Thanks, Aly. I think you are going to find many kindred spirits in this class. It’s great to have you.

Comment by j500

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