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About Me: Susan Gelvin by susang09
January 13, 2009, 10:38 am
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My name is Susan Gelvin and I’m the student assistant for Simran’s Journalism 500 “Media and Environment” course. 

A little bit more about me than I discussed in the email: I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and found I could apply that interest to a bachelor’s degree in the environmental field.  My parents always took my brother and I on camping trips to national parks when we were growing up and I feel that helped me develop a “green” outlook on life.  When I was at K-State I took classes in marketing and economics and at KU I got my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies.  One of my classes in environmental studies was taught by a professor from the urban planning department and she started my interest in environmental urban planning.  Once I got my bachelor’s, I knew I wanted to apply for the KU Urban Planning program.

I’ll be graduating with my master’s in environmental urban planning in May.  In the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some unique experiences.  One of the best was last year when I was accepted into the 2008 Sustainable Energy Fellowship hosted at Duke University.  It’s been a great time at KU but now I’m getting excited about graduating and finding a job where I can put all my experiences to use!


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Urban planning, huh? Sounds intense. Can you be LEED certified as an urban planner? Or is my understanding of that completely off?

Comment by alyv

You can get LEED certified as a planner. Actually, in one of my internships I did a LEED-feasibility study for the plant and loved it! So, if a chance comes up to get my certification, I’m definately going to take it!

Comment by susang09

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