J500 Media and the Environment

The Other Side of the 45 by rebeccaly

There is always a ‘flip-side’ to a stance, argument – what have you. As our business group found out in our research for the CEP, the flip side to going green in business is that they HAVE to make money, that seems to be incrementally even more critical for small business, otherwise they might as well shut their doors and close the business. Making money and protecting the environment usually aren’t walking hand in hand.

So, if there was a 45 record (a small record that you could buy in the 70’s for you youngin’s) for businesses going green, one side would be the Donald Trump apprentice series theme song “Money, Money, Money – Monnehhhh“. The ‘flip side’ would be Counting Crows, “Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot“. 

The whole business and green subject is in so many ways an oxymoron. For many reasons, being environmentally friendly and making money are the ying-yang of sustainability. However, this is for good reason, it’s really hard to build an office building without disturbing the trees, grass, dirt and minerals that you are building on – an obvious but necessary example that I use to make a point :-).

Although, as we are seeing in class today, there are some companies out there who really are trying to make an environmental difference and are going to GREAT strides to do so – such as New Belgium brewing company. This is refreshing and comes as a relief. Throughout this class, it’s seemed like all of these enviro efforts are HUGE, ginormous, uphill battles; and has therefore, been a little disheartening – to me at least.

My hope is that the few of us in this class have learned enough – and I would argue we have – to make a difference and pass on our knowledge. We can do it, even if it’s just one person at a time.

Rebecca Lynch


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It certainly is a delicate balance, and oxymoronish to say the words “sustainable growth.” We live in a society where our value is based on the amount of stuff we have. The woman in the “Story of Stuff” video we say stated that if you aren’t buying things, you don’t have any value. It’s because of this premise that small and large businesses alike are in existence – supply and demand. My eyes have also been opened this semester, and I’m as guilty as anyone considering the amount of consuming I do. Getting the message out there to be as mindful as possible, and to live a sustainable lifestyle is an enormous task, but one that is necessary if we as a species want to survive.

Comment by matthewj77

I agree! As we heard during your and my interviews; one step at a time and balance are key. If we all do our part, we can make a difference. Nice use of songs in your post:).

Comment by jenjenku

Thanks for the comments guys.

Comment by rebeccaly

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