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Believe-ability by jenjenku
November 7, 2008, 12:38 pm
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Believe-ability. Roger Dick at Burns & McDonnell made me believe. He made me believe that going green, sustainability and being a good steward of the environment are doable within the entire business community.


This course and our work for the CEP project is none like I’ve experienced before. Certainly the intense nature of the course, fostered by the short timeframe, plays a big role; however I’ve never learned and absorbed so much in such a short amount of time. This course and project provided an enjoyable way to learn by reaching out to local businesses and talking with experts who have gone through the process themselves. Burns & McDonnell, as well as the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, helped me to believe that these initiatives are truly doable.


It is a journey but a journey that results in pride within your organization, profitable long-term ROI and becoming good stewards of “OUR” environment.  It fosters a positive feeling amount consumers and employees by portraying an image to employees that the organization they work for truly cares about “OUR” environment, “OUR” community and our place of work.  I learned from Roger Dick at Burns & McDonnell that he truly believes businesses will realize there is a good business case for adopting sustainable practices once they see tangible evidence of the success of companies that are taking the leap.


I’ve learned that by engaging in a measured and balanced approach to adopting policies aimed at promoting cleaner sources of energy and greater energy efficiency, Burns & McDonnell believes we can achieve a cleaner environment without undue economic hardship. He made me believe. Do you?



Jennifer W.


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I’ll be especially interested to hear about the Hyatt’s initiatives since my company owns that hotel!


Comment by chrisr11

With the limited amount of time to present we were unable to incorporate specific Hyatt Regency initiatives into the presentation so I’ll share some with you here. According to various online sites and Howard Breeding at the Hyatt Crown center here are the key initiatives:

•The hotel has a green team made up of member from all divisions of the hotel.
•Energy management system (EMS) are in place to fully automate systems in the hotel.
•This includes heating & cooling, lighting (both interior & exterior), domestic hot water, boilers, pumps, exhaust fans, even the colored lighting and fountain scenes in the lobby fountain.
•Energy usage is tracked on a daily basis.
•The lighting system has been changed out to energy efficient lighting where possible.
•The hotel uses specially designed low flow shower heads, sink aerators and low flow flush valves are used to generate maximum water efficiency.
•Purchases products that can be recycled.
•Purchases recycled products.
•The hotel recycles cooking oil, waste oil, florescent lamps, computer monitors, batteries, white paper, solvents, all metals, linen, towels, phone books, wooden pallets, used hotel furnishings and equipment.

Howard Breeding at the Hyatt also shared that just the other week he was called by his Corporate Office and asked to visit a local hospital to look at a new water treatment process. This hospital had installed a new electro magnetic treatment unit for cooling towers which kills bacteria and controls scaling without the use of chemicals. The “grey water” left from the process could then be used for landscape watering. “A totally green process”. Now the Hyatt is looking at using this process in one of their Caribbean properties where water is at a premium. Howard says that if it works as advertised, it could become a standard when remodeling or for new installations.

Lots of great stuff going on at your organization!

Jennifer W.

Comment by jenjenku

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