J500 Media and the Environment

air rights by marisabreg

Have you ever heard of air rights? It’s the ownership of the air above a property… (so you can or cannot build on top of it). Strange concept, huh? Owning the thin air above a house or building?

Thing is, I had never heard of it. And then I did. And then I kept hearing about it. Everywhere.

Now I don’t know if, all of a sudden, a lot of people were talking about air rights or if suddenly, my eyes and ears were open to the phrase and I just began to hear it where I didn’t, or couldn’t before.

Since this course began, I’m finding I’m having a lot of “air rights moments.” I’m seeing and hearing things that I didn’t, and things are resonating with me in an entirely new way.

Having the opportunity to work on the CEP service-learning project, I’ve been able to explore the challenges and the excitement of trying to find the (just) right point-of-entry to engage our assigned constituency, the labor community. While this isn’t an easy task, my group and I have developed, what I think, are some great ways to start a conversation with members of the blue-collar community.

While I don’t assume that anyone in our constituency needs to have their own “air rights moment,” I do think that some people might feel disconnected from the current discourse and finding the right point-of-entry is a great way to start communicating.

My point-of-entry happened to be “nobody’s perfect.” For me, realizing this means that I don’t have to try to be flawless; I can do what I can do. And you know what? I am.

Marisa B.


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I agree with you that when you have something on your mind, you seem to hear about it or see it everywhere you go. I think this is key to remember when we’re communicating with our audiences. What’s on their minds? And how can we connect it to environmental issues in a way that would make them want to act on it.

–Angelike Gaunt

Comment by angelikeg

Hey Angelike!

Great job on the presentation today and thanks for your comment.

I think you’re absolutely right. It was very interesting for me to watch “The Greening of Southie” today and see the kind of awareness of “green initiatives” there is among blue-collar workers and what is on their minds… What’s important to them? Our group even made a point to talk about it in our presentation–about how place, space and location, physical and mental–is really important in communication. (Especially for our labor audience, but really for anyone.)

Marisa B.

Comment by marisabreg

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