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What is my motivation? by michellec1
November 6, 2008, 10:30 am
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I have asked myself that question many times while sitting in my cubicle at work or doing homework late at night. When something is challenging, or difficult I remind myself why I am doing it so that I don’t lose heart. Sometimes my motivation is financial, or I want the satisfaction of getting an A, and sometimes I want to know that I’ve done my best. What’s my motivation for going green?  I’ve thought about this a lot during this class and while working on the project for CEP.  In order to effectively communicate anything, you have to understand the motivation of your audience. Sometimes communicators take the easy way out and create messages that are inauthentic and sugar coated, but they only scratch the surface of why people care about something. They don’t take that extra step of really understanding the issues from the audience’s perspective and connecting with them on a level that earns their support, respect, and loyalty. 




While trying to understand the motivation of faith based constituencies who are passionate about climate change, I’ve learned a lot about different ways that people are already making a difference. Whether it’s saving their church money by lowering their heating costs, educating members of their faith about their personal carbon footprints, or championing their denomination’s national platform for climate change, there are a lot of people that are already taking action. I think that organizations like CEP can be a mouthpiece for change by gleaning ideas and personal stories from veterans of the climate change battle and urging others to join the fight.  I hope that our final project in some way is a small battle cry.

Michelle C


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I’m really looking forward to the Faith presentation.

From what I’ve observed at my church, many members take green initiatives very seriously, with the idea that they need to protect what God has provided. But a good portion of the congregation is also very politically conservative and doesn’t have the same environmental commitment.

I’m hoping people like myself will be able to take some of your group’s ideas back to our faith communities!


Comment by chrisr11


Thanks for your comment. During my research for this project, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the amount of faith based groups that are already taking action to prevent climate change, including denominations that are typically very conservative. I hope that our project helps everyone to see how the enviornment doesn’t have to be a dividing issue,it is important for everyone and can be something that we all work on together. I’m interested to hear what the other groups have found in their research as well. I hope that we all leave the class with new ideas and inspiration that applies to several aspects of our lives.

Comment by michellec1

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