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My green reflections are blowin’ in the wind by chrisr11

Communicating green initiatives to health care professions will be harder than I thought. But this industry presents some exciting possibilities for improvement.

Chris Ronan


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I’ve noticed that in several of your vlogs you’ve mentioned some of the work and initiatives that Shawnee Mission has been doing. Do you know if any of the other hospitals in the area are doing similar things?

Also, your statement about views of nature for patients contributing to an almost one day shorter stay intrigued me. Assuming that is true, it seems to me that insurance companies would be pushing hospitals to do more such things. Have you found any such indications?

Lastly, I think your vlogs were great!


Comment by shawng


Hey, I have looked forward to every one of your vlogs. I was a little sorry that this was the last one… You’ve done a great job of communicating (or entertaining) green initiatives with style and humor. Thanks!

I was wondering if you’d heard of this organization: Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E), http://cms.h2e-online.org/about/. Their mission is to create a national movement for environmental sustainability in health care. They are working with the EPA to reduce toxic waste, eliminate mercury, etc. I was surprised they existed. Sounds like they need a better PR strategy. Practice Green Health, http://www.practicegreenhealth.org/ is affliated.

– Cheri

Comment by cherileb

Shawn- I appreciate your comments. From what we have gathered, Shawnee Mission Medical Center is ahead of local hospitals on many initiatives. In fact, someone from another local hospital pointed to Shawnee Mission as an organization that his hospital would be looking to for examples.

As for insurance companies, a few have announced ideas on climate change, but their concerns tend to be geared more to how climate change would increase natural disasters. For example, Swiss Re hosted the “Climate Change: From Dialogue to Action” event in May. According to a Swiss Re press release, the event focused on “the effect extreme weather events have had on increasing insurance losses.” So they’re focused more at how a person may lose his house in a hurricane, rather than the same person may get sick someday due to climate change.

Cheri- we’ve found quite a few similar organizations out there. All seem to espouse the same ideas, those being mercury reduction/elimination, waste reduction and the like. They all speak to different audiences, whether they be hospital administrators, nurses, doctors, etc. Thanks for your comments!


Comment by chrisr11


Great job on the presentation yesterday.

I just wanted to thank you for your contributions to the blog. Every week I’ve looked forward to your next baldy production. (Those outtakes are priceless! What did that pot of soil ever do to you?!?!)

The comments you leave for everyone are fantastic also. Way to keep us all engaged here.

Marisa B.

Comment by marisabreg

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