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A Green Church???? by vanessar05

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I was assigned the faith based constituents for the CEP project.  I was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school for most of grade school and all of junior high.  The Church was a very strong presence in my upbringing and I was surrounded by it almost every day of my childhood.  Monday through Friday’s I was in school, on Saturday there was almost always some type of church activity or mass and if we didn’t go to mass on Saturday evening we went on Sunday.  Overtime, I became disenchanted with the Catholic Church because of what seemed to me as emphasis within the church on the wrong things and the amount of hypocrisy I saw amongst the members of my church.  In addition, I have always felt as if the Church was behind the times and not very progressive in their thinking.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change (CCCC).  Per their website the coalition was created to help the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Catholic community address the moral implications of climate change.  I was surprised because unfortunately the issue of climate change is just now getting widespread attention and I felt it was very progressive for the Catholic Church to have created a coalition dedicated to climate change.  Now looking back on this project I can honestly say that it has resulted in me having a renewed interest in the Catholic Church and a desire to continually follow the CCCC’s progress, even after class this class is finished. 


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Hi Vanessa,

I, too, left the church for a long time during and after college, completely disenchanted by all the hypocrisy I saw. It took a lot of soul-searching and giving of second chances for me to realize that not all church-goers say one thing and do another, which had been my whole experience. That level of inauthenticity not only made me stop listening but caused me to walk away.

I think that’s a very strong argument for us keeping our messaging as authentic as possible… People are SICK of the hypocrisy and they for sure know the difference.


Comment by mindeeforman


Thank you for your response. Maybe the green movement can learn something from religious organizations; no matter what the message you must be authentic or people will walk away.

Thank you for being such a wonderful team member. I consider myself blessed to have met you and had the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you,

Comment by vanessar05

I hope so… Our country has sure had its fill of BS, as a couple of the groups pointed out.

Oh, thank you, too! I had a fantastic team and appreciate all your hard work. Please keep in touch!


Comment by mindeeforman

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