J500 Media and the Environment

Who’s going to rescue us? by angelikeg
November 6, 2008, 9:19 pm
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Everyone is busy doing their own thing, so who’s to save the environment, the planet, us from ourselves? This seems to be a theme in this final project. Everyone cares about the environment, but the effects of global warming are not going to knock on our doors tomorrow just yet, so solving the problem of climate change can wait.

But it can’t!! We need to do something about it right now. Right now! I must admit I’m a little disappointed. Not that it was not to be expected that other issues would take priority over the environment. But I guess, in a naive kind of way, I was hoping that there would be someone out there looking out for all of us. Certainly someone would be thinking about environmental issues night and day to solve the problem of climate change, right? Wrong!

Health care professionals are so busy (and they really are!) with medicare issues, paperwork to get reimbursed from insurance companies, new science, etc; policymakers are also busy, especially now, with the elections and all; faith-based groups have their own issues to deal with as well; labor workers are rightfully worried about the financial crisis we’re in. 

It is true that everyone seems to be getting more and more aware of the effects of climate change. But I wonder if they think like I used to: There’s someone out there taking care of all of this. My conclusion is that saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone’s! And if we all don’t start thinking about it as we go through our days to make smart decisions, no one will.  We are the rescuers. The future is in our own hands. And the time to act is now.

Save the Planet

Save the Planet

–Angelike Gaunt


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The question Simran posed about who speaks for the environment is one I’ve thought of often in recent weeks. Thinking about it brings to mind the same concern(s) you’ve voiced here.

It’s so easy to think there’s someone else out there fixing the problem. (And that applies to any problem, not just the environment.) Like with oil. I really think most Americans believe that there’s a solution to our oil dependency right around the corner. We put a man on the moon, so surely we can come up with a car that runs on salt water, right? (A stretch of an example, but I hope you get the point.)

And as you say, it’s up to the people who care to not make those assumptions with green initiatives, but rather take what we’re learning in this course and begin to apply it immediately.


Comment by chrisr11

Hi Angelike,

Absolutely! This is something we should all care about. My hope is that as this economic crisis continues, people will be motivated to re-think their energy usage and will consume less in order to save money.

Sort of like the high price of gas finally got Americans to reconsider their driving habits and the vehicle they drive. I’m actually rather sorry to see the price of gas go down – the price wasn’t high enough for long enough to make many of the positive changes permanent.

We all have to care…this is too important.


Comment by mindeeforman

I know, Chris and Mindee. I feel like this class has given me a few more tools to continue to do my part in helping the environment. Hopefully, all the work that we did for our constituents and CEP will also make a difference.

Comment by angelikeg

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