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It makes sense to be green.   


Approximately 160 businesses and organizations on either side of the Kansas-Missouri state line have joined the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Climate Protection Partnership.  To quote the Chamber, this green initiative offers members “the opportunity to lead the community toward the complementary goals of reduced regional greenhouse gas emissions and increased economic competitiveness.”  In other words, area companies, utilities and not-for-profits, which sometimes were adversarial in the past, are coming together to adopt sustainable practices that conserve energy and cut carbon emissions.  These efforts not only can help halt climate change, but also are good for bottom lines.

Echoed by one local business in a Kansas City Business Journal article, the Chamber explains that implementing sustainable practices can be a daunting task.  Main concerns among businesses and organizations of all sizes are finding the time, money and expertise to get started.  Leadership must also begin or embrace initiatives. 


Growing A Community Of Sustainability."

The Greater KC Chamber of Commerce is "Planting a Seed: Growing a Community of Sustainability."

To assist Partnership members, the Chamber provides a Carbon Footprint Calculator that assesses waste and recycling.  Later, local engineering design firm Burns & McDonnell provides a free onsite energy assessment, indicating where to maximize energy efficiencies.  The Chamber also strives to keep members engaged by organizing events that discuss best practices and recognize accomplishments.

The necessity to switch to sustainable practices to remain competitive (and maybe even stay in business) will only become more critical as others make changes or new emissions regulations are enforced.  The Chamber assures that it will remain a resource, further enhancing its initiatives to help members be proactive rather than reactive.  As they say, “We’re all in this together.”

— Stacey Chance


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Hey Stacey!
Interesting article! I wasn’t aware this partnership existed but it’s encouraging to hear about this movement. Did you find any information on how the 160 businesses are going green? Does it look like a “smoke and mirrors” thing or are these businesses making genuine efforts?

Comment by susang09


I also had not heard of this organization. Do you think all of these companies have a real interest in implementing sustainable practices or are they doing it for good publicity? Whatever the case may be, even the ones that initially did it to jump on the bandwagon may find some financial reasons to implement changes. We all know in the world of business money is the motivator.

Thank you,

Comment by vanessar05

Hi Susan. I asked the same question — whether area businesses were making genuine changes after receiving the energy audit. The answer is yes, and Jamie Green, director of government relations and policy development, gave me some examples: Gould Evans decided to retrofit one of its two buildings, which they entirely moved into, and Tension Envelopes adopted a shorter work week with ten-hour days, which has staff and machines only operating four days per week.

Comment by staceyc08

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the question and comment. I get the impression that the businesses joining the Climate Protection Partnership have a genuine interest in conserving energy and lowering their carbon emissions. The Chamber set the Partnership up so to join, businesses have to complete the Carbon Calculator Form, which looks to be a hefty task.

Comment by staceyc08

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