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For the love of which green; money or environment? by vanessar05

During the two days we spent together in class there was a constant theme being echoed by my classmates which was; they were tired of hearing that green initiatives only matter if they will also reduce cost.  I thought to myself, “Well what else is there, money makes the world go round.”  Through my interviews and research for the CEP project I have found that there is something else that for many can be just as powerful if not more powerful than money and that is faith.  The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change provides three  reasons why their church is asking them to take action to reduce climate change. The reasons are related to thier faith and beleif in God not money. 

During an interview I asked the interviewee “What does Christianity call Christians to do on the issue of Climate Change?” The interviewee’s response was that this question reminded her of an Anne Frank quote, “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.    Anne Frank was a Jewish girl that hid from Nazis in an attic for two years and wasn’t able to go outside as she pleased.  This quote really made me feel something in the pit of my stomach.  While money may be what is driving most of us to make changes to reduce climate change today, I’m praying that someday in the future we don’t find ourselves in a irreversible situation that no amount of money can fix.  

Vanessa Ruperto


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I agree that a common method of encouraging someone to go green is to cite the $$ issue. But, to me, that’s just an easy, non-demoniational way to broach the green subject. Anyways, you’ve noticed that faith can be a strong call for action. Have you gotten a range of responses from different religions or have things been somewhat consistant? Any surprises that you found (that aren’t secrets you’re saving for your presentation 🙂 )?

Comment by susang09

Overall things have been relatively consistent. However, I did find it interesting that one organization has actually developed a study module for faith based organizations to assist with the discussion of climate change, their faith and a call for action. I plan on providing additional details about the module and popularity of the module in our final presentation.

Thank you,

Comment by vanessar05

Vanessa – what a moving post. Anne Frank was many, many years ahead of her time and an old soul who saw the world in an unbelievably clear way. That is a fantastic quote you provide. Again, beautiful post and well presented.

Thank you – Rebecca

Comment by rebeccaly

As a Catholic, I’m surprised to discover there is a Catholic Coalition on Climate Change. What is the coalition doing to call Catholics to action? How are they spreading their messages? Where does this rank in terms of the church’s priority causes? (Perhaps you’ll tell us more next weekend!)

Your post reminds me of an old Sunday school lesson along the vein of “my body is a temple.” I remember hearing in one such Sunday class that our bodies are gifts from God and what we choose to do with them is how we show our appreciation. I would imagine a similar message could apply to the faith community in how we treat the environment.


Comment by lizhawks

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