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A campaign worth following by chrisr11

One local hospital is taking steps to lessen its contribution to health care waste. The press has noticed.

Chris Ronan


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Hi Chris,

Another great vlog from Baldy Productions – well done!

One of the gals we interviewed for our research said she found that the major reason people go green isn’t because it’s the right thing to do or even to save money – it’s peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it and they don’t want to look bad… It sounds like Shawnee Mission Medical Center is taking a great lead in being a green “peer” to other hospitals…

Let the pressure begin!


Comment by mindeeforman


The creation of the medical center’s green team was a grassroots effort resulting from the kind of peer pressure you described. Some employees asked their managers about the hospital’s environmental practices. A senior VP got word of it and directed that some sort of group be formed.

Of course, we can’t assume a similar groundswell would occur at all hospitals. From a CEP standpoint, I think it’s worth considering an appeal to the “worker bees” who can pressure their management. But our research shows the best results would likely come from communicating directly to senior management and family practice owners. The cost benefits and potential marketability of green initiatives in health care are very attractive.

Still, one certainly must keep that “peer pressure” aspect in mind. It’s very powerful.


Comment by chrisr11

Chris, Fun vlog! I would also suggest conversations with the folks in the policy group. The public health issues around climate and energy will be addressed through legislation – and those efforts will impact the kind of public health issues we see. The best evidence of this is Kansas Secretary of Health Rod Bremby’s decision to deny permist for the coal plants in Holcomb because of threats to public health.

Comment by j500

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