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Secretary Bremby, NOT by vanessar05
October 24, 2008, 1:35 pm
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I see the challenge of framing the energy debate as a parallel to creating a successful marketing campaign for an over saturated product.  We need to ask ourselves what is going to make the CEPs message stand apart from all the other green messages being thrown at our constituents. Facts and hard evidence are nice and when making a claim you should always have them handy to back you up.  However, people by nature are more likely to listen to something that they can tie to emotionally whether that emotion is humor, sadness, empathy or anger.  Take for example the video with Secretary Bremby about the Kansas Coal debate.  This video was informative but was boring and hard to watch for a full ten minutes and sixteen seconds.  On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Coal Lovin Governor.  The topic of these videos are the same but because the Coal Lovin Governor immediately used humor to engage the audience it was just much more likely to be watched in its entirety than the video with Secretary Bremby.  

 This doesn’t mean that humor is always the best method for conveying a message.  As the storyteller we must LISTEN to our constituent groups and determine the best emotion we should use to frame our message.  As I wrote this in such a methodical manner I questioned whether this approach seems too cold or black and white.  Unfortunately, the simple fact of the matter is that if we all used Secretary Bremby, as smart of a man as he may be, to convey our message we might not reach our target audience.

Vanessa Ruperto




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I agree 100%….watching this was painful! Plus, I’m interested in this. For many people, they have other more pressing concerns and won’t listen to this for 10 seconds, let alone 10 mintes (or however long this actually was). I also agree with your assertion that the message and the delivery must be “customized” to the targeted audience. Unfortunately, it seems the environmental movement hasn’t always done that so well and, as a result, they’ve lost a good portion of the potential audience. Clear, concise, and engaging presentation is essential. Amazing how we keep coming back to the fundamentals.


Comment by shawng


Thank you for your comment. I am also concerned that some people may have been turned off by the lack of engaging pithy messages from the environmental movement. However, it is my hope that as more emphasis is placed on the importance of recycling, sustainability, conservation and the over all green message these people will be willing to listen once again and hopefully the environmental movement will be ready.


Comment by vanessar05

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