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What do Kids, Congress and Moms have in common? by rebeccaly
October 23, 2008, 10:33 pm
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Adults versus Kids – Kids Win!

I love this beautifully drawn and touching picture of penguins fighting to stay cool and ultimately survive. At first glance, it looks like a cute and possibly “humorous” picture but then you read Andrew’s quote – a remark that is both touching and disturbing. Even a young teenager realizes what we are facing in the growing climate crisis.


What I love is that these kids see the potential and danger in ignoring global warming.

“In conjunction with the campaign, the UNEP has released results of a survey it says highlights how concerned young people are about climate change.

The vast majority of nearly 2,000 children surveyed in five countries decisively said that climate change was a top concern: Brazil (96 percent), South Africa (91 percent), India (85 percent), the United States (82 percent) and Russia (70 percent).

The majority of those surveyed — except those in India — agreed that it was necessary to take major steps very soon: Brazil (88 percent), South Africa (81 percent), Russia (75 percent), and the United States (61 percent). In India, most thought it was necessary to take “modest” steps over the coming years (53 percent).”

So… what do we do with this information? The reason we are a part of this course – to learn and study the communication mediums, methods and messages of environmental issues. To the questions and issues at hand – how do we better communicate the issues, their causes, the dangers; and, how do we contribute and become part of the solution? I believe Simran has asked almost all of us that in many of our blogs. What a grand challenge! It’s quite overwhelming to know that the earth’s future depends upon so few of us.


So, I’m curious… do you ever wonder what percentage of the world’s population are actually making an effort to contribute to the reduction of global warming or recycling or any of the environmental causes/efforts? In other words, who cares? The Environmental Defense Action Fund has put together a list of congressional members who SEEM to care. It’s hard to say what any one person’s real efforts are unless we see those efforts in action everyday. However, one can hope, that this group of folks is somewhat serious about taking some effective action and is actually able to do so, in the near future.


Finally, there are those us who have young kids, nieces, nephews, etc. If anything, a parent or guardian should care what this earth, this beautiful luscious world is going to look like when their kids are grown or their grandkids are born or what have you. So who cares and what can we do? Here is one mom’s solution and a FANTASTIC way to think outside the proverbial box.


So, what’s your contribution, your temporary solution, your message and your delivery system? All of us should ponder that.


Rebecca Lynch


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“Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet,” what a cute idea! Good question asking what each individual’s solution is temporarily and for the future. Bringing the message down to the individual level is key. Right now, it appears that the message seems to be far from “how it affects me individually”. George Lakoff’s interview on the Sierra Club Web site says just that. “Environmentalists have adopted a set of frames that don’t reflect the vital importance of the environment to everything on Earth. The term ‘the environment’ suggests that this is an area of life separate from other areas of life like the economy and jobs, or health, or foreign policy. By not linking it to everyday issues, it sounds like a separate category, and a luxury in difficult times”. Thus, as we develop solutions, sculpt the conversation down to the individual. Jennifer W.

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