J500 Media and the Environment

Energy lessons from a TV hero by chrisr11

My guilty pleasure becomes a learning experience…

Chris Ronan


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Mindee Forman:
Another extremely well done video, Chris – maybe you missed your true calling? I love your use of Bobby Ewing as a spokesperson… In researching my own post, I found a video interview with Thomas Friedman, where he was saying the Stone Age didn’t end becuase we ran out of stones – it ended because we came up with better bronze tools. He hoped the Oil Age wouldn’t end because we ran out of oil, but rather because we came up with a better alternative.

Comment by susang09

Mindee- I think Americans have long assumed that a better alternative to oil would spring up. Somewhere, someone really smart must be working on the solution, right? That’s what I’ve always thought, anyway.

That’s what concerns me about the Sputnik reference I make in the video. Will it take a Sputnik to force the ingenuity to happen? If so, what will that Sputnik be?

On a side note, I always get a kick out of how Larry Hagman is so identified with J.R. Ewing, even though Hagman is pointed to as one of the most environmentally aware people in Hollywood!

Comment by chrisr11

Chris. OMGosh. This is an amazing production. Everyone in class should watch this video. My first question is how did you do this (perhaps a little lesson on video prodution in our next class is in order) and my next comment is – I always knew Bobby was the better Ewing. Wow – that is quite the Dallas eye opener. Amazing, brilliant and well executed piece!!! Nice work. Rebecca Lynch

Comment by rebeccaly

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