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Unleash It! by mindeeforman

This is not my official class blog posting but something I thought all of you might be interested in.

The Kauffman Foundation co-sponsors Global Entrepreneurship Week November 17-23. As a part of that, they have a program called Unleash It! where they’re looking for problems to solve and innovative solutions to those problems. (Unleash It! official press release here.)

While watching “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” in class I noticed the problem of how to have wind farms in the windiest areas (no people) and then to get that power into populated areas without the power degrading significantly, and also the problem of how to store wind and solar energy.

I will post these two problems as challenges for Unleash It!, but thought you might have other problems you’d be interested in seeing solved, or that you might be interested in submitting a solution to a challenge someone else has posted. (Some have prizes, some don’t.)

Registration is required to submit a challenge or a solution, but it’s free and has no strings attached. You can e-mail me at mforman@kauffman.org if you have any questions, and have fun!

-Mindee Forman


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Non-profits are, in some instances, leading the way in business innovation. Another great resource is Architecture for Humanity that uses open-source blueprints to respond to humanitarian crises.
Thanks for this info,

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