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Doing more harm than good? by vanessar05
October 18, 2008, 11:12 am
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Yesterday’s discussion with David reaffirmed two key concepts we’ve discussed in class and why it is so hard to convince people to be “green”.  David reaffirmed that you will be more successful in having a discussion about being green or on sustainability if you can understand the person(s) you will be discussing the issue with.  To know the person(s) you must do your research but you must also listen to them to understand what is important to them. David also reaffirmed the concept of being transparent. When it comes to being green no company is 100% green and as a result a company must be upfront about what they are doing right and wrong to gain trust and to allow the dialog to remain open.  


David also reaffirmed something else; there is no silver bullet that will make people want to understand the issues.  We are in this class because we want to gain a better understanding of these complex issues but, what about the people that don’t have a desire to know?  If they’re not motivated now what will it take and is the overwhelming amount of green advertising making it harder for them? According to an online Time magazine article greenwashing is the practice of making a product seem green when it really isn’t.  The six sins of greenwashing can be found at http://www.terrachoice.com/.  There is also a website that allows consumers to rate the level of greenwashing of a product or advertisement (http://www.greenwashingindex.com/).  All of this forces me to ask myself; are greenwashed products doing more harm to the environment than the companies that aren’t doing anything at all?


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Please take a stab at answering your question: Are greenwashed products doing more harm to the environment than the companies that aren’t doing anything at all? What do you think?

Comment by j500


I think the answer the answer is yes. A company is doing more harm to the green movement when they greenwash their products than companies that aren’t doing anything at all, for two reasons. First, it gives consumers that may already be resistant to being “green” a reason to throw their arms up and say, “See it is all hogwash so why should I bother!” Second it may result in other consumers buying more of a product because they think it is environmentally friendly when it is really more harmful than alternative products.

Comment by vanessar05

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