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Green Speak by jenjenku
October 17, 2008, 1:22 pm
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What’s the difference between sustainability and environmentalism? Even more, how can I communicate this to my company and get them to pay attention to what customers are asking for?

I recently spoke with David Clark who is a sustainability consultant, so I was excited to hear his thoughts on how I could communicate this “green fad” to my company. Of course sustainability and environmentalism all mean different things to everyone. David Clark considered this in his suggestions.  He shared three considerations including being authentic, curious and listening. So listen up!

Now we have suggestions to frame a conversation, but how do I get my company to start the chatter? Clark reminded us to recall our own paths of awareness with green initiatives. Sure, but how do we then translate that to business talk? Well, we need to get our companies attention and keep it! With this in mind, I think we lay out a marketing plan that captures the strategy, tactics and “what’s in it for them?”  Ask questions, determine needs and develop solutions. It’s simple, if the company is concerned with cutting costs, then focus on savings with lower energy costs. Or, if it needs to increase its bottom line, show how “going green” will resonate with its customer base and drive sales. Whatever the need is, we all know the company will need data. So the great news is there are many companies “going green,” we can look at them to create a killer case study. Check them out!

 Live Green

Companies Going Green



Apple customers asked for “green” and Apple listened!



Jennifer W.



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What’s the answer to your question: “How do you get senior management to bless this initiative and corresponding process?” Take a shot 🙂

Comment by j500

Great question Jennifer – regarding how to get the company to engage in even the initial conversations. I have been asking myself that a lot over the past couple of weeks – I work at a company where the mere mention of the conversation would be met with horrific stares… not because my co-workers aren’t interested – I’m sure many of them are, but OUR CLIENTS, couldn’t care less. WHICH is, in and of itself, an even larger problem. We lend business support to independent insurance agents. Our clientele are 85% caucasion men with the average age being 47. It’s really rather grim. However, I am not discouraged and intend to trudge forward.

I just had to concur with your question – just one of many “questions of the century”. Finding a solution/answer would be a great opportunity.

Rebecca L.

Comment by rebeccaly

Simran- Thank you for the comment. Yes, how can I get my company’s attention and get them to pay attention to what consumers are looking for? How can I get this topic on senior management’s agenda?

In our recent conversation with David Clark he addressed ways to communicate sustainability to my employer are to be authentic, curious and to listen. So then how can I get a companys’ attention by using my marketing background: strategy, objectives, tactics, and “what’s in it for them?” Well, perhaps by focusing on what matters most to the company. If the concern is with cutting costs, then we can show how sustainability and environmental initiatives will lower energy costs. Or, if the company needs to increase sales, show how consumers resonate with “green” messages incorporated into marketing, PR or advertising campaigns. Regardless, senior management will need proof, data and numbers that a new plan will in fact work. The good news is that so many companies have already made efforts to become more sustainable or “greener” so there are a lot of good examples and case studies available. The hyperlinks as listed above are good examples to draw upon for evidence with the new plan.

Jennifer W.

Comment by jenjenku

That is exactly it – what our other guest lecturer Jeni Rogers referred to as “understanding our audience’s pain.” There is a great opportunity for change here as long as we balance needs and wants. Thanks for this information.

Comment by j500

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