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Brad Pitt Dies by rebeccaly
October 15, 2008, 7:51 pm
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Now that I have your attention, go ahead and read the rest. Brad Pitt didn’t die, but he could sooner than he thinks. We all could (sooner than we think) for that matter.

At one point dying was not far from my mind – not the suicidal kind – but the kind that sneaks up on you… one day you’re minding your own business, buying some khakis at the Gap and the next day you realize, for whatever reason, that it could all be gone tomorrow BUT this thought hits you like a freight train – especially after you’ve become a parent. This could be due to a number of reasons – world wars (didn’t it cross your mind –if only for a second – on 9/11 that the world was ending and it was only a matter of time before the real bombs started hitting), a fatal wreck, a food-borne illness, disease and yes, global warming.

For several years back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I thought we would all be goners if we didn’t take this global warming thing more seriously. I’m glad to see we are all still here, but geez, what is it going to take!?! I was relieved and pleasantly surprised to read the assigned article, “Americans Reach Environmental Turning Point“… to discover that allegedly 52% of people surveyed think that having a balance between economic growth and environmental protection is the goal and that the environment should come first when a conflict arises.

That’s fantastic that nearly half of us feel that way. Until you read the Dina Cappiello’s article about global warming taking a back seat to the economy. I totally get it, really I do, but at what point do we say, “seriously guys, we won’t have ANY banks to worry about if we’re all rotting away in hell because YOU didn’t pass legislation that protects the earth from becoming a ball of incineration!” Read Efforts on Global Warming Chilled by Economic Woes I mean really – do we have to friggin’ spell it out for you bastards!!!!!!!

Ahhh [deep breath] – so, what can we do. We can continue to tell our congressional reps at all levels how we feel and I urge you to do that. But we can also vote. Hey – speaking of voting – take a look at this. It matches you up to the appropriate candidate – more to come on that next time.

Rebecca Lynch



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Great rant 🙂
The candidate calculator is really useful. So, I challenge you, what will it take to get more people on board?

Comment by j500

Simran. Thanks for the challenge. That is a fabulous question and one I struggle with. As I mentioned in a comment I posted to Shawn’s blogpost, it just needs to happen – does it matter, at this point, why?. I struggle with that at a deep philosophical level. Of course it matters. So, one thing I am doing that I was not doing before this class is taking recycled bottle bags to stores and making sort of a loud announcement when I tell the checker “I HAVE MY OWN BAGS, THANK YOU.” People look at me like “why is she yelling that…” then they have this, “oh, I get it” type of revelation come across them. It’s something very, very small, but if just one person at one counter makes someone else bring their owns bags, it will spread. That was the long answer to you question – what will it take – more people to walk the walk and be the example they want the world to see (that’s a quote but I cannot remember who said it).

Thanks – Rebecca

Comment by rebeccaly

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