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About Me: Shawn Goetz by shawng
October 9, 2008, 8:08 pm
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In my office, I have a poster of Halley’s Comet over an Arizona desert with the following anonymous quote:  “We must never lose our sense of awe at the magnificence of our planet.” 


About 18 months ago, my wife, Heather, and I took a trip to San Francisco.  The scenery was so incredibly beautiful and reminded me of that quote and of our collective responsibility to the Earth. 


View of the Pacific near Big Sur, CA

View of the Pacific near Big Sur, CA


A cool picure of my favorite bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge

A cool picure of my favorite bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge


Having two young kids, I want to preserve the Earth for them and their kids.  I believe we can use the Earth’s resources to meet our needs, but we need to be responsible and sustain the ability of the Earth to do so for future generations.


I try to be “eco-friendly”.  Could I do more?  Certainly!  I think we could always do more in most aspects of life, but there are practical, physical, and financial limits to everything.  IMHO, the key is striking a fair balance of living on Earth while sustaining it. 


This Class:


My interest in this class is two-fold.  I’m interested in the general communication aspects and also the green movement, which is becoming more prevalent in my work.




Heather and I have been married almost 14 years.  We have two sons:  Elijah (age 5) and Kellan (age 5 months).  We also have a beagle / basset hound mix, Guinness (nicknamed “Bubba”).  We moved here from Illinois about two years ago.  We love it here! 


Our family

Our family








I work as a structural engineer and project manager for Hanson Professional Services Inc. (www.hanson-inc.com). 




I started the MBA program last fall after a nearly 13 year sabbatical from school.  I’ve truly enjoyed it so far, mainly because of all the interesting people I meet, many of whom do work and have education that is totally different from me, and because the courses are so different from my engineering undergrad work. 


I am also a blogging rookie, so please forgive any major “faux pas”.  I look forward to this class and meeting everyone!


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You will be a blogging whiz in no time. Kids are often a big catalyst for people seeing the world in a completely different way. I look forward to learning more about your insights through the lenses of engineering and business.

Comment by j500

Shawn–It’s wonderful that you have so many ideas to contribute to the class discussions! And I compeletely agree that all of us can do more about “being green.” I think that’s one thing everyone has picked up already in class!

Comment by susang09

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