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About me: Marisa Bregman by marisabreg
October 9, 2008, 11:27 pm
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Hello all,

It’s very late the night before our first class, and as I’m sure many of you (all of you?) can understand, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks.

A little about me: I moved to Lawrence in December 2007 from Toronto, Canada to work at KU’s Lied Center. I definitely miss my hometown, but if you’ve got to be anywhere, Lawrence is definitely a great place to live.

I did my undergraduate degree in a communications-based discipline. I started a graduate program in communication and culture and I spent a while working at a busy downtown Toronto communications agency.

I really like to make things; among other projects, I’m currently taking (and teaching) a metalsmithing and jewelry design class.

This is my first semester in the program, and Communicating “Greeen” Initiatives will be my second course. I’m looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

Please forgive me if I put an extra ‘u’ into some words; some habits die hard.


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Welcome! Great to have you here.

Comment by j500

Marisa–As a KU, Lawrence student, I found it really interesting to hear about the Lied Center’s “greening” of their disposable cups. I’m sure you will get ideas from this class on ways to help other’s think “greener!”

Comment by susang09

Hi Marisa,
When our group spoke on Saturday, you indicated you weren’t sure who to speak with for this project, and I had an idea given the overall objective of the CEP and the Labor audience – HVAC technicians, or heating and cooling companies. There are a number of them in Lawrence. Here is a list of them in Lawrence, and I bet if you called to speak with a manager or the owner of each, they’d be open to speaking with you:
A. Chaney Inc – (785) 843-1691 –

B. Scott Temperature Equipment Co Inc – http://www.scott-temperature.com – (785) 843-2244

C. Niehoff/Dunco Heating & Clng – http://www.niehoffdunco.com – (785) 843-7137

D. Cloud Heating & Air Conditioning Co – http://www.cloudhvac.com – (785) 842-2258

E. Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning – (785) 842-6996

F. Hopkins Sheet Metal Heating – (785) 691-8325

G. Harris Heating & Cooling – (785) 594-2855

H. Blue Dot Services – http://www.bluedotkansas.com – (785) 749-3337

I. Wyatt Heating & Air Conditioning -(785) 842-2468

J. Anchor Air & Heat – (785) 842-4010

Comment by matthewj77

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