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About me: Introduction to Matt Johnson by matthewj77
October 7, 2008, 9:43 am
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I am a blog virgin, but I love to write, so this could be fun.  My name is Matthew Charles Johnson.  No matter how you slice it, my name is unoriginal, but my parents always told me my name shouldn’t define me and it’s up to me to define my personality.  I guess in many ways this was the first time I was introduced to the idea of branding, and for that I am forever grateful.

I have been with my wife, Brooke, for 8 years, married for four.  We just had a daughter in January, Ellery, and she is the most beautiful and important thing in my life.  All of the days leading up to her birth pale in comparison to having her here now, and I wonder what we waited for. 

I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit every time zone in the country, as well as visit Mexico, London, Scotland and France.  I have a passion for food, which is obvious now that I am unable to burn calories just by sitting in a chair like I did in my twenties.  While I used to be athletic, I enjoy watching sports more now than actually getting out and playing them, although I enjoy a good game of hoops whenever I get the chance.

I graduated from KU in 2000 with a B.A. in Communications Studies.  I’ve had a number of jobs since, all of which have been marketing-related including newspaper/online advertising sales, field marketing for an insurance company and retail marketing communications for some rather large companies.  I absolutely love what I do, but want to move up the proverbial ladder.  I contemplated getting my MBA, but when I visited Edwards Campus for an informational session, I was introduced to the Marketing Communications program and fell in love with the curriculum and vision. 

Communicating Green Initiatives will be my sixth class in the program, so I’m officially almost halfway through.  I actually work on in-store point of purchase materials, so needless to say, we print (and waste) a lot of paper.  I’ve been exposed to a few green initiatives where I work, and we currently have, or are working on attaining, some certifications such as LEEDS, but I still don’t know half of what I probably should.  This class interests me from a lot of perspectives.  How can we be more environmentally efficient in our operations?  How does corporate social responsibility strategically fit into a company’s overall marketing strategy?  What does it really mean to consumers when a company says it’s “green?”  What is the most effective way to communicate green initiatives?  What resources are available to a company that wants to implement green initiatives?  And so on.

I look forward to meeting everyone in the class, and if I already have, I look forward to seeing you and learning even more together.


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Matt, Welcome to the blogosphere! I think you will really enjoy this way of communicating and building community. We will definitely work towards walking the talk in our class, starting with staying paperless.

Comment by j500

I think it’s great that we both work for the same company and can talk about our different perspectives on the current “green initiatives”. I’m very interested to hear your viewpoint on how we’ve been communicating our efforts to our own employees.

Comment by michellec1

Matt–I think it will be so interesting to see how Sprint will benefit from the “meeting of the minds” that’s occuring in this class!

Comment by susang09

Hey Matt,

Thanks for your comment on my post. I have a bit of a lead on someone at Bowersock Mills, the only hydroelectric plant in Kansas (in Lawrence), however, I stayed a bit late on Saturday and had another chat with John. He has some recommendations on who we might want to speak to and is going to help put us in touch with them.

I’ll be sending him a note today or tomorrow.

Sound good?


Comment by marisabreg

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