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About me: Jill Wilder by jillwilder14
October 6, 2008, 8:26 am
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I agree. This does feel like a support group post. So … here we go. 🙂

“I’m Jill. I’m a student, full-time marketing manager, part time freelance marketing person and a dog walker.”

Let me explain. I am in my fourth semester in the mar comm program as well. My undergrad degree is also from the j-school so I guess I have the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentatlity.” Anyway, I’m enjoying the program and I’m learning a lot.

Currently I’m a marketing manager for H&R Block Financial Advisors. I have the word currently in that statement because 11 business days after I started it was announced the division of the company was sold to Ameriprise. EEK! So, I’m being told I have a job until the first of the year at least. Nice. It’s all working out so far though.

I also do freelance work for two local companies. One is a chemical engineering firm and the other is a local ad agency. I do a variety of things including write articles for SEO purposes and Web content, create client-facing presentations, help develop Web sites, etc.  The chemical engineering company is big into sustainability and so are several of the ad agency’s clients so I’m looking forward to learning how to talk “green.”  

Now to the dog walker hat. My boyfriend owns a pet care franchise called Fetch! Pet Care. Occassionally I’ll take a client’s dog for a walk on the weekend, feed a cat, etc. I love animals and couldn’t have any as a child so now is my big chance. Of course I do have my own furbaby too. I’m confident he is the cutest and smartest dog that ever lit the earth. I’m not bias. Take a look at how adorable he is below.



 I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. See you soon!


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Jill, Thanks for your post. I look forward to learning more about you and your interest in the class.

Comment by j500

Jill–You are very comfortable talking with people and participating in discussions! You ask great questions that other students get involved it, which is wonderful!

Comment by susang09

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