J500 Media and the Environment

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October 4, 2008, 11:15 am
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I’m a relative newbie in KU’s Marketing Communications program, having just started my first course (Marketing Fundamentals) this semester. I graduated from KU with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism in 1996. I then worked in the TV news business (as a sports anchor/reporter) for about five years, first at KSNT in Topeka, then at Sunflower Cablevision in Lawrence.

I’ve been with Crown Center Redevelopment Corp. in Kansas City, Mo. for seven years now. In my capacity as the communications manager, I handle public and media relations, oversee the website and work on various marketing endeavors.

This “Communicating Green Initiatives” course is one I’m very much looking forward to. All companies, whether they realize it or not, have an opportunity (and responsibility) to lessen their impact on the environment. Effective communication with employees and stakeholders is a big part of the battle.


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Hi Chris. Could not agree with you more. Yes, all organizations do have the responsibility – the opportunity is theirs for the taking. Since I’m on the soapbox, I have been somewhere disappointed that the democratic party (i.e. Obama, whoever) has not made more of an issue of this and/or addressed this anymore than they have. I studied each candidate closely back in the days of the primaries (remember when… John E., Hillary, Dennis K, etc.) and Hillary, believe it not, probably has the strongest record as far as being an strong environmental supporter goes AND as it pertains to the “Presidential candidates” list. Sorry. Got carried away. I’ll stop now. See you too on Friday.

Comment by rebeccaly

The environment has certainly taken a back seat to the economy since the primaries. That made Chapter 5 of our book feel very timely as I was reading it this week. The part about the “shrinking news hole” especially fits, given events of the past several weeks.

The candidates are going to address whatever is top of mind with people at the moment. (Or what they think should be top of mind with people.) So we get energy and ecomony, with little to no reference to how either relates to the environment.

Though they did work it into the town hall debate last night:


Conduct a word search for “environment ” and you’ll see the question/answers.

Comment by chrisr11

What building do you office in? I’m in the 2405 building in Crown Center.

About five years ago I spent some time pitching sports reporters as we worked with a female NASCAR driver who was living with MS. Ever heard of Kelly “Girl” Sutton? She was part of the Craftsman Truck Series.

Comment by lizhawks

Crown Center’s corporate offices are also in the 2405 Grand building. We’re just a few floors below you.

I was out of the television news business by the time you pitched Kelly Sutton’s story. (But I did cover the Craftsman Truck Series while working in Topeka. Fun times!)

Comment by chrisr11

Chris, Great to have you in class. This discussion demonstrates that we aren’t separate from our ecosystem. All issues fall under this umbrella.

Comment by j500

Chris–with your journalism background, I’m sure you already have experience with being a “storyteller!” It will be great to see how your experiences help shape your project!

Comment by susang09

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