J500 Media and the Environment

you say you want a revolution? by dmdeshazer

Well, I say, it’s started.

Coming into the Media & Environment class, for me, was like putting a fish out of water. I knew nothing, and I didn’t intend on claiming any of the knowledge or experience I now have. I knew it would give me something, a new eye, a new ground, a new idea, but I didn’t know that I would now have ambition and fervor for the green movement and environmental media. I even observe journalists and media that I utilize daily and see what they have their hands in, eco-wise.

Okay, so maybe I realized that this ‘green revolution’ was something that has actually been intact for quite some time now, but the current demand for greener lifestyles, more eco-friendly healthy societies, and a wide-angle focus on climate change and the environment can hit home with us all. It’s the little steps that eventually cause the big ones. I had such a struggle understanding my part in all of this. How does refusing to buy water in a plastic bottle actually change how many are produced and how many are still purchased? It’s hard to think of the green movement in that way. But, what I learned is that the collective movement and strength is made of every individual. It has to start somewhere.

My media and environment class was eye-opening and life-changing. I feel like I walk around with green-colored glasses on, noting that every decision I make has a lasting impact on myself, my peers, my environment.

J500 gave me . . .
A starting ground. A basis for growth. Something to be proud of. A network of passionate journalists. Connection with national media. A new perspective.

–Danae DeShazer


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