J500 Media and the Environment

Collage of Green by sachikom
April 29, 2008, 4:08 pm
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The beginning of the class was a culture shock. I was surprised how much environmentalists can sacrifice to prevent environmental crisis. Concepts like vegan and limiting human populations for the environment went beyond my understanding. But I always like to get out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed learning and interacting with all of you who have different values.

I had been angry and depressed for the second quarter, my darkest green period in the semester. I was freezing in my apartment not using the heater. I always brought a plastic bag with me just in case I had to buy something. I was mad at people who can’t do simple recycling. I blamed politicians. I felt powerless because I couldn’t even convince my friends why we have to care about the environment. The humor week relieved some of my tension. I liked George Spyros‘s lecture. I learned to be clever and sexy.

Photo Credit: 2desktop.com, Beautiful Green Leaf

I then noticed my friends were annoyed by me. Even though I stopped preaching environmentalism, I often talked about global warming, recycling and local and organic food. This class constantly kept me thinking. I couldn’t stop outputting things I learned. On the other hand, my friends’ response taught me something. I wondered if some audience were tired and overwhelmed by massive information and products selling green. Many lay audiences cannot tell what is true green and what is greenwash. I thought it is our responsibility to provide accurate information and guide them to the right direction.

In my opinion, we cannot expect everybody to sacrifice a certain lifestyle or value to protect the environment. But everybody can participate in the movement at a different level. My contribution is to be a reporter and fill a gap between people who have different values. For example, I share the passion of environmentalists. At the same time, I can relate to people who are less willing to take action. I will not be an environmental journalist particularly. But environmentalism should be always part of my lifework.

By Sachiko Miyakawa

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Thank you for sharing your journey. Some days it is very, very hard to be patient with people, but I cannot emphasize how important that is. No one likes to be preached to, unless they are in church. When I came back from college, I tried to impose everything I had learned on my family, but they wouldn’t budge. What I have learned over the years is that people are most inspired by the doing. So I do my thing, I leave space for my loved ones to do their thing (most of the time) and usually they come around in their own time. And if they don’t, I am really okay with that, too (most of the time!).

Comment by j500


I’ve been impressed with your commitment to lead a sustainable lifestyle. To have endured such hardships all in the same of doing your bit to ensure a better lifestyle for all – priceless. The world needs more people like you. You’re an inspiration.


Comment by denzylj

Simran- “People are most inspired by the doing.” I’ll try it next time. Perhaps, it’s more effective like cooking organic food and serving to my friends than just talking about how good it tastes.

Denzyl- There’re a lot people who commit to a sustainable lifestyle more than I do. I feel I’m not doing enough compared to those people. But the importance is everyone can do something for the environment without being extreme or sacrificing. I think that’s something I want to tell to others.


Comment by sachikom

Don’t forget that green is a journey. It’s always changing, always growing.

Hm, I should make a motivational poster from this… 🙂


Comment by Lauren Keith

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