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One little blog, one BIG step for environmentalism. by Sarah
April 28, 2008, 2:52 pm
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A “media and the environment” class is been something that I would have never seen myself signing up for a year ago. I was about the farthest thing away from a “green” person. And if you said the word “sustainability” to me, I probably would have given you a blank stare and moved on with my life. But as we learned in our last meeting, living sustainably – can’t really be defined. WE are the ones that define it for ourselves. In our interview with Adam Werbach, however, he said it best though when his definition of sustainability was “a harmonious relationship between human culture and the living world.” Congratulations Adam, we have spent an entire semester trying to define it like that, and you did it in like, 15 seconds, and it was a beautiful.

I looked back at my first post, where I was talking about taking baby steps in my own life and how that was how I was going to live sustainably. Today, I still believe that. I still believe that people need time to change, and they need to find some sort of comfort in making those changes. So if Clorox wants to gradually convert it’s consumers to “green products,” then I applaud them for doing so. If Wal-Mart is STARTING to make changes to be more eco-friendly, I applaud them too. I’m not going to be a pessimist and say they will never be a “green” corporation. I choose to be an optimist. I choose to believe that they will continue to make their corporation more environmentally friendly, and become an example for other corporations to follow.

I also choose to believe that what we did in this class HAS made a difference. By just talking about these issues, and making ourselves known on this blog – I think we accomplished what this class was all about. People are starting to change the way they live, companies are realizing how important it is for them to be sustainable, and “living green” is starting to be a way of life for more people.

As our class is coming to an end, I am taking away so many things I have learned from all of you. I have met people who truly care about the environment, and I’m proud of the huge conversation we have begun as a class. I look forward to continuing that conversation in the future.

-Sarah Nelson


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And I applaud YOU for remaining optimistic. I think that is one of the keys to moving forward with the green movement – or whatever we are going to call it now. Throughout the past several weeks, I think many of us have felt overwhelmed experienced feelings of guilt for not doing enough, but we really just need to stay positive about our accomplishments and keep plugging along!

– Jeff

Comment by jseverin

Your (r)evolution really resonates with me. Thank you. We all have to start somewhere, but we must not become complacent or lose site of how much work we have to do. It is a strange thing that something we all need (the earth) has become politicized and polarizing. Your post gives me hope that we can come together and preserve our resources.

Comment by j500

I think it’s astonishing to see how remarkable our perspectives and understanding has changed since the beginning of the semester. I definitely sense it in nearly everybody in our class. I would agree in applauding anyone or any company (big or small) for making some attempts to go green. It’s better than nothing, right? I really liked your points in your post.


Comment by denah


We have so much work to do, it’s scary, and overwhelming, and sometimes I think what is the point? But now that I have been in this class and sat in on some of the most intelligent conversations I ever have in my life..I think I can start to do my part now.


Comment by snelson33

I think you already are. . .
It is daunting to grapple with all this – but I know you can and will. You aren’t alone. We all just have to break it all down into bits we can handle.

Comment by j500

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