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Don’t sip from that bottle by jenh
April 17, 2008, 9:04 am
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At the start of this class, Simran handed out SIGG metal bottles students could use and reuse instead of buying disposable plastic bottles or carrying around more permanent hard plastic ones, known as polycarbonate bottles. We learned about the possible toxins used in the manufacture of polycarbonate bottles such as Nalgenes. Today the New York Times posted that Canada is likely to label a plastic common to sturdy bottles as toxic.

Canada would be the first country to declare bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., a toxin that threatens health. BPA has been shown to disrupt the hormonal systems of animals. According to the article, the chemical is used in the manufacture of Nalgenes, baby bottles and the linings of canned foods. -Jen Humphrey


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What is most surprising to me is that I told the class this information in August and I mentioned it on Oprah a year ago but it has taken this long to spur action. (And the information was available well before I said it.)

Nalgene has said they will cease the production of polycarbonate bottles and Wal-Mart says they will stop carrying baby bottles with BPA but it just goes to show we as consumers have to take care of ourselves and can’t expect regulators and businesses to ensure our safety.


Comment by j500

It’s now official.

Bobby Grace

Comment by bobbygrace

Thanks, Bobby and Simran. It’s too bad that unlike Canadian and European preventative policies, here in the U.S. we don’t ban something or question its use until after it’s proven (sometimes through litigation, sometimes by deaths) that we shouldn’t use that product or this manufacturing ingredient. Americans need to see the evidence of harm, not just the suspicion of it.

Comment by jenh

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