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Reality of world opens the eye by denah
April 15, 2008, 10:49 am
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I’m going to make a generalization here and say that most people’s eyes are not open as widely as they should be…unless it is something that applies to them. I’m going to continue on this rant of generalizations by saying that most people may not even look up unless it is something that particularly involves them. As some may try to deny it, we, as humans, are pretty selfish and self-absorbed. I know, it sounds harsh, but if you really think about the way that humans interact with the world, one another and the self (I have my psychology major cap on), the majority of humans will put the self first.

I admit to falling under this category at times. Yet, I always enjoy a good eye awakening moment. For example, like this one. It’s about time we step out of this box (or should I say the United States) and think about the world. How is the world doing? Is it hanging in there? Is the world happy?

It seems like the world is suffering a bit. Large populations are being stuffed into these small countries (for example, Japan) and as worldmapper.org claims: “Out of every 100 persons added to the population in the coming decade, 97 will live in developing countries.” -Hania Zlotnik, 2005

Well why did I not know about this? Why is the media picking and choosing what it is telling its viewers? Don’t you think the world has a right to know what is going on its own world!?

How is the world doing on an environmental level? Good, bad? Getting any better? You always hear these large numbers about the amount of waste we are consuming or how many trees are being cut down. Worldometers has an ongoing count of the destruction we are doing to our world. I think on some level some may have an idea of how bad this is, but honestly, even though it’s hard to imagine these large numbers, it still scared me. My eyes widened as I realized, “Look what is happening to our world. Why didn’t I know this before?”

I guess all I’m saying at this point is, why is the media so picky and choosy? Maybe the world wouldn’t be so self-focused if we were aware of what was going on outside our bubble.

-Dena Hart


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What is the answer? Why IS the media so picky and choosy? Being absorbed in media that applies to one’s own self-interests, I get. But the obsession with whether or not Mariah is married, I do not get. Why would we care more about Miley Cyrus that the state of our oceans (especially if we surf or eat fish)? This intense and persistent interest in celebrities has exploded in the last few years. Do you think it could be because we as a society are burned out on all the information we are getting about the world?

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