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World Officially Upside Down: Sierra Club Endorses Clorox Product by bobbygrace
April 5, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Clorox\'s new Green Works line

Clorox has an interesting new line of biodegradable cleaning solutions called Green Works and an even more interesting endorsement, the Sierra Club.

Unlike the organic food industry, Clorox is tying itself very closely to Green Works products by placing the Clorox logo plainly on the product. People trust Clorox as a brand that cleans well and is making it a point that Green Works works as well as all their other cleaners. If Clorox is able to convince people that biodegradable cleaners are just as good as any other, it will be an enormous step toward a more natural home cleaning future. Green Works is also pricing itself below other “green” cleaners on the market, making it more affordable and attractive.

If you are not familiar with the Sierra Club, they are an organization that has been promoting environmental awareness and combating the use of toxic substances since 1893. Endorsing a company who continues to sell products with toxic substances like bleach is bound to upset many environmentalists, especially with money involved.

Is this a step toward the universal removal of toxic chemicals from home cleaning products or a degradation of the Sierra Club authority?

via: NYTimes, No Impact Man

Bobby Grace


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This does sound pretty strange, especially coming from the Sierra Club. Do they typically “endorse” products or just give Sierra Club fanatics who don’t want to do the research a thumbs up to go buy this product?

Last year, Clorox bought Burt’s Bees, which I had no idea about until a month ago. They must be quite tired of their dirty image, $925 million tired.

In the Consumerist (short and sweet): http://consumerist.com/consumer/mergers-and-acquisitions/clorox-buys-burts-bees-317500.php


Comment by Lauren Keith

No, Sierra Club does not usually endorse products which makes this such a strange thing. And it is hard to say what effect Clorox had on Burt’s Bees. They may have only increased Burt’s Bees distribution.

Comment by bobbygrace

The Sierra Club is making money off these purchases – and apparently is ousting chapters that don’t support the endorsement. Now the sky is falling.

Comment by j500

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