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Pleather is NOT the Answer – No Matter Who’s Wearing It by j500
March 10, 2008, 4:52 pm
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Pleather is Not Pleasure
Pleather is Not Pleasure!, TMZ News

This PETA campaign has always killed me. You care about the animals, you don’t eat meat or wear leather shoes, you are a do-gooder. But hang on a minute! If your vegan solution is pleather, then you have some investigating to do. A lot of pleather is made of PVC. If you don’t know PVC, allow me to introduce you. It is the “poison plastic.” Poly vinyl chloride is in everything from shower curtains to (as we saw in George’s video) sex toys. There is no safe way to create it or destroy it. It is made with a host of softeners that are known carcinogens and it cannot be recycled because of all the stuff that’s put into it. According to Mike Shade from the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, one PVC bottle can contaminate a recycling load of 100,000 bottles.

Please, show care for Mother Earth and all her creatures. But don’t let the answer to your problem be one that actually does more harm.



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I agree that pleather is not really a better option to leather from an environmental perspective.

However, I’d take your argument a bit further and call all plastic poison. Last week, I went to hear a couple people speak about their recent studies in the Pacific, where there is a “plastic soup” covering an area that’s twice the size of the US and growing.

The only way to deal with this growing problem is an outright ban on single use plastic containers. Recycling is not enough, since plastic is really down-cycled and eventually ends up in a landfill to break down over a thousand years.

They made a point that plastic is an example of a non-choice for the consumer, since it’s in everything and only about 5% of it is ever down-cycled anyway.. The only way to truly address the plastic junk problem is an outright ban on the use of plastic for the production of certain products.

– David

Comment by dshawla

Does anyone know where one can find a biodegradable gimp mask…it’s for a friend, I swear.

–Name withheld

Comment by rarab

Yes, because if there is anyone adequately qualified to speak about the nuance of ethical animal treatment it is a washed-up marginally attractive porn actress.

-Vince Meserko

Comment by vincemeserko

thank you for your post. lately i have been crazy seeing pvc handbag companies (i.e. matt & nat) calling themselves eco. if they really cared about the planet, would they be making their bags from pvc in China? I think not. so it is nice to know that there are people out there that get it.

Comment by meow mix

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