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Go Green Or Go Home by Sarah
March 10, 2008, 12:17 pm
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Instead of picking a business to “green,” I thought it might be more interesting and beneficial to me personally if I made up a laundry list of the things I need to start to do to green my own apartment…and possibly my ridiculously high electric bill.

Lately I have seen green articles popping up everywhere I am reading, and find myself getting rather excited about them. Whether it be online, in magazines, or newspapers, it’s cool to read a new article with a fresh perspective on being green. So when I curled up with the April issue of Glamour magazine yesterday, I found myself excited to use my many new ideas that came from 30 Little Ways to Save the Planet that will be so simple to implement into my lifestyle.

Photo: Glamour Web site

I know a lot of people in our class probably already are aware of these small changes you can make, but some of these are new information to me and I thought I would share of few of the best, and some that even surprised me:

-Sign up for online banking. If every American did this, 2.3 million tons of wood would be spared every year, and 3.9 billion pounds of greenhouse gases would be eliminated. This goes for the ATM receipts too (I’m one of those people that always gets one even though I never look at it again).

-Skip the screen saver. Apparently they are energy suckers! It’s better to switch to sleep mode during the day, shut down at night, and un-plug. Guess this means goodbye to my David Beckham screen saver 😦

-Two words: power strip. 75 percent of all household electricity is from standby power. When you turn the power strip off, then you shut down everything!

-Go ahead and use the dishwasher. Running full loads is actually less water-intensive than hand-washing (This is good news).

Photo: Jonlesser, Flickr

-Sarah Nelson


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I am on your side when it comes to not really knowing so much about lifestyle choices that can help the planet. I know about the plastic water bottles and turning off the lights when not in the room, but I am also always fascinated when I find out little factoids like those you mentioned. Even though once I read an article like that, I won’t be doing all of those things at once, but at least we are now aware that there are smaller ways that we can help the planet.


Comment by denah

Well then ladies, check out tip #21. There are a lot of changes we can make – and you can find tons of them through a quick google search. But it is also important to remember we can’t shop our way to sustainability – at some point we have to buy less stuff.
I love what you say Sarah about taking personal responsibility and instead of looking at others, looking to your own life.


Comment by j500

If you are specifically concerned about electricity, I would recommend unplugging everything that you can. Sure you can buy powerstrips, but that consumes more plastic. I’ve gotten into the habit of plugging and unplugging things in whenever I need to use them, and it takes only a few extra seconds–hardly inconvenient at all. It’s called “vampire power.” I’m sure Googling it will yield some excellent results.

Comment by Lauren Keith

Well, yes power strips are consuming more plastic but I’ve already got them so I’m putting them to use in the most electricity conserving way I can. I also have a need for them, as I don’t have enough outlets in my room for everything unfortunately. By turning off more and more things, I know I’m making a difference in my life.

Sarah N

Comment by snelson33

“Going green” is the most discussed issue recently and I think it will spread incredibly fast. I`m very eager to obtain all the new appliances which are energy efficient and I think that other people from the Rosedale houses would do the same. Your tips are really remarkable and it`s nice to see that so many young people are enthusiastic about to save our neglected environment. Thanks for sharing with us this encouraging post!

Comment by homes in Rosedale


I read your posting with interest and when I came to the last line, you had me desperately yearning for more handy hints that I could possibly follow.
Online banking – doing that;
Screen saver – used to have that, but only for short periods at a time and never, never David Beckham;
Power strip – don’t have that, so duly noted;
Dishwasher – don’t have that either, but prefer the hands-on approach in any event.

Since taking this class, I’ve heard a variety of suggestions for more sustainable living – taking short showers (hard in the winter though), switching the lights off when not in use (which I usually do) flushing once (something I heard outside this classroom, but could elicit some interesting debate), enviro-friendly light bulbs and a whole host of ideas that make for sustainable living, if only we all could follow through with the necessary action in changing our lifestyles.


Comment by denzylj

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