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March 5, 2008, 6:14 pm
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(edited from a previous version)

I live in Culver City, CA with my wife, Rebecca and our rescue mutt, Luke.

I was raised on Long Island until I was almost 13. My dad worked in radio. Having a dad who worked in the music business and having parents who both listened to music throughout my childhood, I was bred to be a music geek.

We moved to Winston-Salem, NC when I was 13. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. After graduation, I left for the Big Apple to pursue a career in the music business. NYC did not agree with me, so I headed to LA.

I spent most of my career at Nettwerk Records as their west coast sales rep and then head of sales. I had a good time, but in the end, it wasn’t very fulfilling. I left the music business in April 2001. I had no idea what I wanted to do next.

In 2002 I started working for an ad agency as an account executive. I remained there for the next 3 1/2 years. It was a job. Passion had nothing to do with it. But, being who I am, I learned that I had to be passionate about my work.

I have always considered myself to be concerned about the environment. But I was pretty casual about it and I really didn’t own my impact on the earth.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I am passionate about the environment. It has been a pleasure to make simple changes to my diet, to my light bulbs, to my shower heads, to my grocery bags, etc. This newly discovered passion, which is far deeper than my desire to work in the music business ever was, has driven me to keep moving further.

Rebecca and I plan to open a store that sells environmentally friendly clothing and accessories.

I thank Simran for inviting me to join, but I also thank the other authors for letting me participate.

By the way, Rebecca is from Kansas. In fact, she’s a Jayhawk. We were married on the campus of KU (in a small chapel) in April of 2004. Our reception was at Liberty Hall. I have enjoyed many a brew at Freestate. I cheer for Kansas whenever they’re not playing Carolina.


– David Shaw


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I do hope you’re going to find this a truly fulfilling experience, unlike your previous (mis)adventures. It’s heartening to see you’ve found your niche, one that I’m sure is proving a comfort in your new lifestyle.

My struggle for an ideal utopia goes on, so take heart. And by comparison, you make my biography seem oh so short and lame. But thank you for joining our small community. Our voice is growing by the day, evidence of which I’m sure is by you participating here. I’m sure you bring some unique and informed views that will be of value. I only hope that if you biography is as long as your postings, that I can keep up. But please don’t limit yourself by any means. You’ll find some engaging debate by bright minds here, and by saying so, I hope that doesn’t sound condescending.

PS: Whatever happened to Depeche Mode?


Comment by denzylj

It is an absolute pleasure to have you aboard.

-Travis Brown

Comment by travisjbrown

Thanks, David. Nicely said. Inspired me to join and start a conversation — Equation Earth, the sum of all things. Hope you’ll drop a word or two into the dialogue. The question is, How do you define “sustainability” and how would you deine it?

Comment by donsayre

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