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You say tomato, I say death ball by travisjbrown
March 4, 2008, 4:52 pm
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Giuseppe Arcimboldo was one of the first people who inferred that we are what we eat.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Summer, 1573, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum, Paris

Ah yes, those where the days. Aside from the famines, the plagues, the persecutions, the people of the 16th Century had it pretty easy. Plants were taken out of the ground and eaten – what more could you ask for?

I mean, look at that guy. He seems quite jovial to me. That’s because he is made of healthy, pesticide- and preservative-free vegetable freshly sprung from the earth.

If Mr. Arcimboldo were alive and working today, his art might look a little more like this:


Till Nowak, framebox.de

Dammit Travis, you need to warn me next time. I done wee’d myself.

Yes, I know . It’s quite terrifying what goes into our vegetables. Herbicides, pesticides, preservatives. These are starting to seem much less like healthy snacks and much more like high school science fair projects.

When I moved into my first house away from my parents, I decided to stay away from junk food as much as possible. I filled my refrigerator with as many vegetables as I could tolerate. Whenever I was hungry, I’d grab some raw carrots, radishes or green beans. This led to eating habits similar to that of a rabbit. My roommates often walk in to find me feasting on a bowl of roughage and refer to me as “Bugs” or “Roger.”

But now I’m learning that this doesn’t cut it. These veggies aren’t as healthy as I once thought and they don’t have all the vitamins that organic greens do. To think that I’ve been filling my body with chemicals all this time… while I thought I was just doing a body good. The Horror.

That’s just the vegetables. Think about the food that doesn’t necessarily fit into such a distinct mold. Like moon pies or even ice cream. Polydextrose, sorbitol, cellulose gel, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, polysorbate 80, carrageenan, sucralose.It’s all too much for me. Maybe my old buddies, the Animaniacs can help out.

Happy rotting.

-Travis Brown


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The animaniacs investigate their diets more than I do? That’s a disappointing discovery. I love the updated artwork. You touched on something that my friend, Natalie, and I talk about all the time– no matter how hard you try, you’re doing something terribly wrong. Even the stuff you focus energy on purifying. Fruits and veggies are a big one- you snack on ice cream then upgrade to salads and fresh fruits. Can’t we feel proud about one thing? Throw chemicals into the conversation and the answer’s no.

and PS- just because I want to tell someone–Kashi granola bars on sale 2/$5 at Target. Happy snacking.

Comment by Sonya

I disagree – you have so much to be excited about! The thought of Travis munching on carrots thrilled me. When we learn more, we do more. But just having this consciousness puts you far ahead and in good stead.

Comment by j500

Sorry, sorry- getting into the habit.

(there, now I’m caught up?)

Comment by Sonya

Imagine if we taught children what (not) to eat using Animaniacs cartoons like this one! -Jen

Comment by jenh

Or imagine if we started using pigs not pesticides to fight pests on a large scale. . .

Comment by j500

It seems like it’s getting that way, Sonya. I get borderline depressed when I hear about ethanal and how it went from being the great answer to the great problem. I went to a lecture last night about wind power in the flint hills. The professor spoke about the corporate incentives behind wind turbines and how we’re possibly being misled so that energy companies will prosper. Oh goodness, me.

-Travis Brown

Comment by travisjbrown

I always say, “Do what you can.” Little by little, as you learn more truths about the things you eat, adjust your diet accordingly. Or don’t. Maybe you just can’t afford to eat well. My wife and I live on the edge of Culver City. Not too far away from us is a lower income neighborhood. The closest grocery stores are there. We often shop at them and it’s amazing how bad the food selection is – few organic vegetables, lots of processed stuff. . . But most people who shop there don’t notice or maybe they can’t afford to shop at “Whole Paycheck.” Regardless, that’s the case in many places and some people really don’t have better options. I realize this is a topic for another post. . .

– David

Comment by dshawla

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