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Organic Food + Typical College Student = Probably Not by Sarah
March 4, 2008, 4:16 pm
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Not people are interested in my daily food intake, but I’m posting it anyway to see how guilty I feel afterwards looking at it:

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and a piece of wheat toast, and a cup of coffee —>obviously.

Lunch: one crunchy chicken cheddar wrap (from the union, duh)

Dinner: one serving of california roll sushi (courtesy of the Target deli section, love it)

Nighttime indulgence: a way-too-big piece of of white cake i made when i was bored yesterday.

So, besides the huge piece of unnecessary cake I ate last night when I was feeling particularly sad, I would say my food intake as a whole is pretty healthy in my opinion.

When I’m choosing what to eat, the main thing I TRY to go for is whether it is healthy or not. I’ll admit, I’m not a big organic food person, and I love convenient, semi-healthy food in my life. I’ve had Local Burger before, and honestly I enjoyed it. But if I have the option of lunch at the Underground while on campus, instead of driving off-campus to Local Burger just so I can eat organic, I’ll take the convenient route any day.

When I’m at the grocery store, I always stroll past the organic section but never really browse it or think about purchasing organic. I think that making the effort to eat organic is good in theory, but not realistic for me, or any other college student, for that matter. Organic=Expensive. In my opinion, why would I want to spend more money and more time when I can just buy food that is just as healthy, and less expensive.

Photo: Jeremy Brooks, Flickr

I came across an article where a student claims he based his decision on choosing Yale over Harvard because of Yale’s effort in serving sustainable food on it’s campus. In my opinion, that is a little extreme. Choosing a college because it serves MORE organic food?

In theory, I think eating organic is awesome, and for those people who are able to fit it into their lifestyles..more power to them. At this point in my life, I’m not sure if that’s me. I hope someday I will have enough money and determination to make that lifestyle change.

-Sarah Nelson


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It’s all on a continuum! It’s so interesting, I would go to Yale for the food, while others would pick a school for their Greek system. Live and let live, huh?

Comment by j500


I completely agree. I think some people take it to the EXTREME to “go organic,” “go green,” and the likes. Why not make small, healthy changes to your life? It’s hard to tell yourself: “I’m going to change everything about my life, every little aspect, even go out of my way, waste time, money, etc. just to make a lesser carbon footprint.” I think we should all be happy with what we can do, and not have our actions scrutinized. A little is better than nothing.

Comment by dmdeshazer


I think you and I have about the same mindset in our attempts to “go green.” For me, It feels just as good to take baby steps toward greening my life as those who take the gigantic steps right off the bat. I wish I was one of those people who could pledge to never use another paper towel again, or never throw away another plastic bottle in my lifetime..but that’s just not me. By working on greening myself in my own time I think I am making the most process I have ever made in it before.

-Sarah Nelson

Comment by snelson33

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