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is convenience a crime? by dmdeshazer
March 4, 2008, 3:20 pm
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What my food says about me? One word: convenience.

For a typical 24-hour period, here’s a rather intensive chronicle of my eating habits.

I woke up and my stomach was growling before I went to work, so I grabbed the only thing I had time for: a low-fat Granola bar (Chocolate Chunk flavored, if you wanted to know). I was feeling groggy and tired (which is usually the case, but rarely I have a solution for it) so I made two cups of French Vanilla cappucino mixed with coffee and creamer. I always used to say that caffeine had little to no effect on me– that was until I sometimes added coffee in the morning.

Anyway, as the morning wore on at the Ogden Publications office, more specifically the Natural Home magazine office, my stomach grumbled for a little snackity-snack. I had a small, yet always promising, stash of snacks in my drawer, so I ravaged the end of my Reduced Fat Wheat Thins box. Travis Brown, a fellow classmate of ours, came in and stole a couple, but I won’t hold it against him.

Lunch time was a-nearing, and I hadn’t had time to bring my lunch (note: remember that granola bar on the way out of the house?), so I was listening to my cravings. Lucky for me, my cravings are usually the same things: sandwiches and thai. I chose thai, and went on a rather rewarding experience to Tup Tim Thai in Topeka, Kan. I was feeling brave, so instead of sticking to what I get every single time at any Thai restaurant (Chicken Phad Thai), I ordered this peanutty, tangy curry– Panang curry. It changed my life. I am craving it just talking about it, or rather, writing about it, or rather, typing about it. I might just order Thai tonight only because I can’t stop thinking about how sensational this curry was.

Needless to say, I was pretty full after stuffing my face. I did find room in my tummy for two peanut M&M’s I found in my desk drawer (they were still in the bag) before the work day was over. For dinner, I was in a rush, running from Rock Chalk Revue rehearsal and the Stauffer-Flint building to work on a lab project. I grabbed a turkey sandwich from my favorite sub place, Jersey Mike’s, and went on my way.

Now, that might not be the most typical day, but it is rather indicative of my eating habits. I’m always on the go and rarely have time to plan out my meals. No, I don’t eat all-organic or even really try to eat local. I’m not too concerned with additives either. I’m just trying to be honest. We’ve all heard about this bad stuff– I just can’t help myself when I have already consciously chosen not to make the time to visit farmer’s markets, or research on the foods that’ll work better with my body, or cook meals on the weekend for easy access during the week. I’m just worrying about getting my homework done, succeeding in classes, graduating, having fun. Sure, maybe I won’t be having fun later if I contract some evil disease, and somehow I feel like I’m going to get knocked down for saying that I don’t eat organic, but is it really a crime? I wish I could say I was better about this, but I’m just putting it out there that I’m not.

–Danae DeShazer


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Danae – I can relate to convenience being a high priority. I don’t know about you, but it seems like every extra-curricular activity I have occurs right around dinner time. I find myself skipping meals quite often. I used to have such a structured diet with set meal times where all food groups were adequately covered. Being in college really causes you to lose that structure in your diet. I know I’ve personally put on quite a few pounds since college which I’m guessing can be attributable to the conveniences of eating quick and usually poorly. I also find myself concocting some bizarre combination of foods (example: a tub of Bob Evans mashed potatoes and a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats or blood sausage and Pizza Hut breadsticks). I’m also with you on not being significantly worried about food additives. I start to get “worry fatigue” after awhile. It seems as though there are reports daily in the newspaper about the latest chemical that can cause brain damage, scoliosis, depression, the chills, excessive gas, rectal bleeding, cataracts, etc. I just start to tune that stuff out after awhile.

PS – What’s the best cappucino/coffee combination to use?

-Vince Meserko

Comment by vincemeserko

Danae, I think we have the same MO. If it’s quick and easy, then I am there. I do look for the healthiest bets, but I didn’t when I was your age. I think different things take priority at different times. And I, like you, am okay with that. No guilt required.

Comment by j500

I have very similar eating habits to you! I eat on the run a lot and I rarely have food in my kitchen, which forces me to eat out more than I would like to. These habits hurt both my stomach and my wallet. Hopefully someday, when life slows down, we can get on regular eating schedules again!

Comment by lindsaycr

I know, that’s what I’m hoping for. I keep saying to myself– maybe when I “grow up” I’ll be able to be a normal, healthy person.

By the way, I ordered Panang Curry again last night (from a different Thai restaurant) and I’m craving it again today. 🙂

Comment by Danae DeShazer

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