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You can’t really judge a person by their trashcan(s). by dmdeshazer
February 26, 2008, 3:55 pm
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I guess you could learn a lot about someone by observing their trashcan. Maybe that’s why people make a profession out of dumpster diving — trash is just that intriguing.

When I really thought about it though, most of my waste (and that of my roommates) is food-related. Take a look at the comparison of our kitchen trash with my own personal waste:

Kitchen trash in Danae's householdimg_5141.jpg img_5145.jpg

Yes, this difference may also be due to selective trash can using (i.e. we hold no discretion about which trash cans our trash is thrown into… it’s whatever is convenient or proximate), but it goes without saying that eating two to three meals a day contributes highly to what we all throw away.

But if you looked at my trashcan, all you can see is a lousy paper towel and a box of Theraflu medicine. Man, I don’t waste ANYTHING! You can’t judge my trash by my trashcan. That doesn’t account for the one to two cans of Diet Coke I drink a day, the can from my soup I had for lunch, or maybe even my styrofoam dinner container from chinese take-out leftovers. And what about the Kansan I read today, but left in one of my classrooms. What happens to that?

I had a conversation with one of my four roommates about all my new “discoveries” of green living, and she responds, “Yeah, let’s start recycling!” with a jubilant yelp — yet, we both have still yet to share this enlightened idea with the rest of our roommates or make a bin for our joint recyclables or even start to take action… I digress.

So, how can we reduce this food-related waste that happens every time we eat, which for most of us is many, many times a week? I really don’t know a solution, but I’ll be looking.

–Danae DeShazer


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Welcome to composting. . .but tackle recycling first 🙂

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500

Thanks Simran. It’s just been hard to start.

Comment by dmdeshazer

Not only is it hard to start, but you need something to do with it. There are a few greeneries around town, but not much. Other than that, there is this amusing string of questions and answers on yahoo about the subject.


Comment by acbowman


Comment by acbowman

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Comment by bestchildrensbooks1

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