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Big Brother’s Got the Dirt on You! by denzylj
February 26, 2008, 10:34 am
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Taking a picture of my trash? Why, if I’m some shady international character who buys into conspiracy theories I’d say this exercise has Orwellian undertones. I picture men in white shirts with sleeves all rolled up, suit coats draped over chairs in a dour office as they mull online over my waste believing some sinister intent at play. “Mmhhh Agent Brown, what do you make of those shredded papers there?
Looks like some offshore bank account,” Agent Banks.
“Let’s see, some crumpled egg shells. You can see he boils his. A milk carton (Roberts 2%), tea bags and coffee filters, plastic bags and newspapers. Doesn’t recycle much does he Agent Brown?”
Yeah, and what’s that … about a pounds worth of stuff would you say? Well, like that cat there, we’ll just keep monitoring and maybe next time take some stuff over to the lab.”

Keeping a beady eye on consumption

Seriously though, there’s a willingness to recycle, but our excuse (roommate and I) is convenience. Not having the means to cart the stuff off somewhere is an inhibiting factor. And yes, Jen I think, advised about paying for a service to pick up trash that could be recycled, so that’s still a consideration. I think we’re below the national average of weekly waste consumption, if that’s any consolation, but there’s much guilt about just not doing enough to ensure sustainable living. Perhaps the solution is to make the extra effort, whether we pay for the service or I cycle with my bike with gunk and goo trailing down my back.

Maybe the best way to give the Feds the slip.



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You could always take a little bit with you on your bike each time you go somewhere. I rinse all my recyclables, so there’s not any gunk or goo.

I don’t know where you live, but if you’ve got neighbors who recycle consider talking to them about recycling together. I have seen people w/o the means secretly put recyclables in someone else’s curbside recycling tub when it’s out, but not everyone is in to mooching off the neighbor’s pick up service…

~ Sarah H

Comment by shemme

There may even be some stealth recycling at school. . .

Comment by j500

Comments noted Sarah, that’s actually a good idea, the latter one that is, as I couldn’t, for the life of me, think to carry a couple of pounds of junk slung over my back as I’m navigating through traffic on my dodgy bicycle. So yes, looking at what the neighbors are doing is useful, except I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe any of them are doing any better.

Still, I’m heartened by some of the suggestions that have been forthcoming here and in class and touched that so many of you are doing your bit to ensure a sustainable lifestyle for all. It certainly does inspire me and perhaps the time has come to stop using convenience as an excuse and consider the environmental impacts of inaction.


Comment by denzylj

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