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Ticket to Ride by lindsaycr
February 24, 2008, 8:00 am
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child bike ridingShe’s got a ticket to ride—a bike that is! In the 1960’s when the Beatles released the song “Ticket to Ride,” there were not a lot of people riding—bikes that is.

In reality, the bike boom really seemed to take off in the 1970’s. However in today’s world, that trend has declined and Americans don’t really enjoy riding their bikes anymore. According to the League of American Bicyclists in 2002 less than one percent of the population, 488,497 people, used bikes to commute to work.

So what could be the reason more than 99 percent of Americans choose to spend money on an expensive and environmentally unfriendly car instead of a bike?

Lawrence writer Eric Farnsworth believes that the main reasons people don’t use bikes is because they are either unwilling or believe that their commute is too far. Eric believes that a manageable commute is four to five miles each way. He also says that the key to a good bike ride is to have a sturdy, comfy bike with working lights and either a rack or a basket of some kind to carry your things.

Before you head out, he adds that it is very necessary to check the thermometer and to dress appropriately. He gives the example of dressing as if you were going for a brisk walk. In the winter, make sure you wear a coat, gloves, hat and some kind of face covering.

In the summer, it is just important to ride slower, that way you won’t get to work soaked in sweat. On the other hand, if you pick up your speed in the winter, you are guaranteed to warm yourself up. And if the weather is rainy or icy, carpooling is a great alternative.

By following these steps, Americans (particularly those living in Lawrence) can do their part in reducing their eco footprint.

And if we teach our kids to start bike riding at an early age, hopefully they will maintain this habit the rest of their lives.



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