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The Apocolypse just called…we’re running out of oil. by Sarah
February 24, 2008, 7:08 pm
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With the words “green, oil and global warming” popping up everywhere these days, I am finding that every time I get into my SUV to drive; I am feeling a little more guilty about it. This could possibly also be because every week I am faced with the choice of either buying gas for my car, or eating for a week. Uh, screw that, I’ll eat more potatoes and ride my bike thanks.

You have to admit, it makes you think. In America we use our resources abundantly, and up until now have not given much thought as to what could happen if someday they run out. Take for example, our oil supply. The thought of Americans trying to survive without oil is like college students trying to survive without Facebook. We could live without it, but we are just too used to having it to suddenly lose it. It would be the like the apocalypse.

Here’s the deal: we are running out of oil. The most noticeable way to see this is by taking a trip to your local gas station. No, these prices are not the result of a conspiracy among the oil companies; they are the result of us using too much of it. We peaked our oil production in 2006, and it will only continue to decline.

The good news is, we can make minor adjustments in the way we use energy, and possibly avoid this apocalypse. Instead of driving everywhere ourselves, we can use public transit. Or in my case, I could trade my SUV in for a more fuel efficient car. We can shop and structure our lives to work within walking distances of our homes, or ride a bike. By taking these small steps, instead of living in the present culture we have become accustomed to, we could enter into a post-oil culture that we can be proud of.

-Sarah Nelson

An old sign, but makes a statement for the times we live in.
An old sign, but makes a statement for the times we live in.
Photo: Neato Coolville, Flickr


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Well Sarah, true you do have to consider how much you eat or buy gas sometimes, there’s always healthy poverty food, and you could keep your SUV…besides that big gas guzzler probably burns fuel more efficiently and cleaner than many smaller older models on the road…so before you condemn yourself as an decadent road hog, remember, the energy equation has been raging since 1973’s oil crisis (if not before)…so burn baby burn…because it’s not how much you burn but whether you burn clean.

Comment by frodo441

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