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Stuck in the middle with you by Chardonnay
February 23, 2008, 8:25 pm
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Turns out that no matter how you slice it, or in on which language, my personality is measurably ambiguous. Concretely abstract.

I recently completed a personality test for my Spanish class and, like all personality tests before it– Myers Briggs to University Career Center-administered– it showed me to be smack in the middle of nearly all of the opposing characteristics.

I shared my results with my sister and she confided that she had a similarly defunct personality. Our middleness may suggest a rounded, balanced personality. However, after going through some of the catagories (categorías, en realidad), we concluded that it’s more the case that we’ve mastered the worst of both worlds.

We’re optimists, too.

One example–impulsiveness. I’m a bad decision-maker. I spend fifteen minutes picking out laundry detergent at Wal-Mart. And face-wash. And salsa. Yet conversely, every major trip I’ve taken has been an impulsive decision, made in less than thirty seconds.

My bogus personality might also account for my pan-situational sense of belongingness and alienation.

It’s really easy for me to get overwhelmed. When I “multitask” it’s more that I’m trying to do one thing and get distracted. Like when I sign on to make an “About Me” post and get an e-mail reminder about my Spanish homework and end up telling about myself from the inside out. Have I even mentioned where I live yet?

I’m from Overland Park, Kansas, and I think KU was the best mistake I ever made. I had big plans to move away for college, force myself out of my comfort zone and become independent (because it’s that easy). I chickened out– no, I visited my “dream school” in California, was really disappointed in the lack of creative energy on campus, and came to my safe choice, KU. How lucky I am to live so close to such a wonderful university. KU is my little land of opportunity, I’ve been really inspired by the people I’ve met (truly, each of you included), and I feel like this is a good step toward my independence. As far as my plan to get out of Kansas, I’m planning to live in Mexico for six weeks this summer then move away after undergrad. Maybe I’ll move back eventually. Kansas is fantastic, but the world’s far too big to plant your roots at birth. Or ever, I suppose.

Thanks for reading my meandering About Me. Maybe it lacks focus, but so do I. I’ll leave it as is and call it appropriate.
-Sonya English


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“Best mistake I ever made”- I feel exactly the same way.


Comment by genghiskuhn

Best mistake I ever made.

Lo mismo para mi, tambien!

Donde en Mexico quieres vivir? Es un sueno de yo, tambien…que un pais hermoso (pobre, pero hermoso)!

Lo siento pero my espanol es muy roto!


Comment by rarab

Gracias para la comentario.

La respuesta para su pregunta…yo gustaria vivir en Oaxaca or en la penisula de Yucatan (Merida tal vez)…

Buena suerte!

P.S. Como se dice “discombobulated” en espanol?

Comment by rarab

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