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February 20, 2008, 1:43 pm
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Ford Foundation international scholar, acquainting myself with some Kansas idiosyncrasies:

“Where you at?”

Always cracks me up. Oh, and the not so small matter of seeking to add value to my background through pursuit of a Master’s. Actually, am striving for lots more – a utopia that’s proven somewhat elusive. I thought I found it in a forest in the Czech Republic and later, a stone’s throw from Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, Romania but post Communist hangovers led to some unpleasant experiences so that idealistic notion was jettisoned.

My interest in the environment leans more towards an appreciation of conservation efforts to protect endangered flora and fauna, and so when rainforests are threatened by loggers and rhino populations by poachers, my instinct is to do what VP Cheney did to Harry Whittington, except my actions won’t be accidental. I just have to get over my dislike for guns. Talking of dislikes, I could add capital punishment, wars, extraordinary rendition, savory with sweet, soapies and sitcoms, toilet rolls that peel from the top down, bathroom cubicles that start six inches from the floor, fascists, AIDS denialists, corrupt dictators, cold coffee, being broke, umpteen uses of the word “like” in conversation, fat cat politicos riding the gravy train, Guantanamo Bay, predictable flicks, dentists and … men scratching in public.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that finicky, and I am discreet about picking my nose. Eeeeeeewwwhhh, I can almost hear some of you say, but are there any among us who dispense with etiquette from time to time? Don’t flood my comment’s box yet with replies. Let’s talk about it over lunch, if that sounds a more palatable prospect. OK, enough of this waffling, I’m supposed to talk about myself. For kicks, I play soccer, but the cold spell has put paid to that. I compensate by pounding the treadmill with ill-fitting Saucony’s and for my exertions, I’ve lost a few toenails. I also cycle a lot, but the pitiful state of my bike is like my feet. The front wheel is wobbly and looks like it wants to fall off at the slightest effort, and it just doesn’t do a good job even aspiring to climb the smallest hill. It was given to me by a friend, so it’s treasured, but the time may yet arrive when sentiment might give way to common sense. I’ve tried teaching myself to play the didgeridoo, but my frustration at mastering the art of circular breathing has put paid to being in a band, which in turn means I’ll never have any groupies.

Well, I could ramble on, but I don’t want to sound facetious. I ought to know my limitations. Still, it’s insightful reading all the postings and hearing the wonderful personal snippets of information from classmates. And I thought you were all just a bunch of carrot-chomping hippies in disguise.

Am just messin’ of course. It’s a honor being around so many bright and creative minds and that is an education in itself.



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“Put paid to…” Aint heard that one before. Where’d you learn that at? 😉

Also, isn’t playing soccer “for kicks” kind of redundant? (Is there any other way…) Sorry, just messin’ with you, Denzyl! At least you didn’t say you bounced the Czechs and that Transylvania sucked…

Okay, I’ll stop. I’ll just say that I developed a fine appreciation for your dry take on the human condition last semester…your “dislikes” certainly didn’t disappoint.

Meanwhile, I’m surprised you still have a bike considering you didn’t lock it up on campus the last time I saw you…I guess it’s in such bad shape that even the local thieves don’t want it!

Comment by rarab

…Oops, I forgot to sign my name to the previous comment (but it won’t let me edit):


Comment by rarab

Oh believe me Ranjit I thought of all sorts of cliches, but I’ll save them for later. Appreciate your sentiments. Your Q & A was brilliant! Ought to have made some comment about it, but got sidetracked.


Comment by Denzyl

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