J500 Media and the Environment

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February 19, 2008, 4:09 pm
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Who wants to take a swing at corporate malice?

I do, I do.

But we can’t go off the deep end pointing out corporate faults. As in the article “Journalists: Know Your Sources” companies have Public Relations departments that can spin bad publicity better than most environmentalists can dish it out.

Environmentalists might want to take a page out of their play book. If only the environmental movement had people that can bring up the points that need to be addressed when confronted with a tough question. As was the case (I think it was Lauren Keith) who told the story in class about the Coal Plant hearings in Topeka. When a scientist was asked about pictures of coal plants, he gave a scientific, just the facts response. Instead if that scientist had a PR guy or gal who could plug in the points that needed emphasis, even in a simple yes or no question, the environmental movement would probably be far more successful.

A perfect example of this is the move Thank You for Smoking. What we need is the Nick Nailer of the environment. Someone who knows the issues and can spin it to make it palatable for the general public.

Environmentalists aren’t getting through to people on the scare tactics, we need to schmooze them a little bit. As I said in my sexing the green movement post, it is the personality of green we need to change.

That is where we come in. We, everyone in class. We all have very interesting and thought provoking things to say. Just look at our blogs. We are all very different, and resonate to different audiences. And to the right audience, we all can be Nick Nailer. That is where the values based communication comes in. We all can relate to certain groups and find something that would encourage them to make changes and work towards a sustainable future.

We should think of a snappy name like the, “Statistical Assessment Service” like DuPont’s PR firm. And then get ourselves out there to be the faces and voices of the environmental, or green, or whatever name we are now, movement. That is how we get the little zingers in to media like Sarah was talking about in her comments on John’s post, “Niche Media’s Green Obligations?

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We need good PR and we need to educate those who are the real eco-deals. I would not want that scientist who spoke about coal to be replaced with a PR person. What I want to see is more PR companies training those folks.
We have the stories, we just need the language. We are our best advocates and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We just need to use a critical eye, a compassionate tongue, a brilliant mind and a big heart to get there. It sounds cheesy, but I meant it. Compassion and collaboration will get us farther than we may realize.

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