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M.I.L.G. (Mothers I’d Like to Green) by acbowman
February 16, 2008, 8:46 am
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I saw this article in the New York Times this morning and thought it was a good story about finding other voices in the green movement.

As Bryan Welch was saying last class, one way to forward the conversation of the environment is to find a community of people and a related value that has positive eco effects. For Natural Home, that was getting mothers to talk about the health of the products in their home. And products that are healthy for us, are most likely healthy for the planet.

The New York Times article was interesting because unlike a magazine which is in some ways a one way conversation, the eco groups in the article were an actual community talking and enlightening eachother.

What is most important about this community though, is the power they wield. Not only in the immediate decisions of family purchase, but in the habits and values distilled in their children.

Ms. Pinkson and her colleagues are well aware of “the mom demographic,” as they call it, in which, according to surveys for the Boston Consulting Group, women say they “influence or control” 80 percent of discretionary household purchases. Thus far, their thrust has been more about being green consumers than taking political action.

Any ideas on how we get men to be more pro-active?



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Well, since I guess this is kind of still Sexy Week, here’s what else The New York Times writes about.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a good idea, but could environmentalism be the next STD: sexually transmitted declaration?

Okay, really, I’m done with the vegetarian stuff now. But vegansexuality could be applied to other principles of the Green Movement, too.

Lauren K

Comment by laurenkeith

If you are going to have a melding of the flesh, why can’t you do that over a flesh sandwich?


Comment by Adam Bowman

Men are parents, too. If you want to stereotype it, Outside magazine has a whole blog dedicated to green issues, The Economist and a host of business publications regularly report on the environment, and Anheuser-Busch has created line of organic beers.

Simran S

Comment by j500

I totally agree men are parents too and have an equal responsibility in instilling a eco responsible mind set.

One interesting detail I noticed. The things you listed, Outside, The Economist, and Anheuser-Busch, are all focusing on mens extra-curricular behaviors, not family behaviors like Natural Home or the EcoMoms group in the New York Times.

However I did find a dad’s specific mag that was taking up that issue.


Comment by acbowman

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