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The Evolution of “Sexy” by rarab
February 14, 2008, 12:17 pm
Filed under: Fashion + Beauty, Society + Media

Since we’ve had all of this talk about sexifying the environmental movement, I thought I’d offer a quick rundown of sex symbols in the Western world, just to show how relative “sexy” is…and to show you how far we’ve really come (I believe it’s called “full circle”).

Anyway, every job I’ve ever worked (restaurants, public relations for the University, book publishing)–they all were obsessed with how they could make their product more “sexy.” This didn’t mean inducing orgasm (necessarily), but “sexy” became interchangeable with “exciting,” “fresh,” “desirable,” “daring.” A shame, really, because all of these synonyms actually dilute the true magic behind whatever it is we find sexy.

Speaking of which, I thought this “Evolution of Sexy” would give us some idea of how standards change–what we thought was sexy one era isn’t so for the next era–and so I hope we all keep that in mind as we try to find ways to “sexify” the cause…sex does sell, but “sexy” quickly becomes dated, so I guess all I’m saying is we’ll have to keep redefining what “sexy” is as time progresses. So, for now, enjoy this evolutionary chart…I’m working on getting it placed in the public school curriculum, but you know how our state is about teaching evolution…

neanderthal.jpg botticelli1.jpgrubens581.jpgpoh-5.gifithappenedonenite.jpg019_1374marilyn-monroe-posters.jpg15856cc70e1254fcd47bb1c2cb6c7912d179f855.jpgtravolta.jpgmadonna_britney_kiss.jpglindsay-lohan-drunk.jpg



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What are you suggesting? That for the green movement to be “sexy” we have to kiss Madonna and drink heavily?

I think if you qualify the evolution of sexy in the curriculum as “on the sixth day, god created sexy.” We can make this happen in Kansas.

(Just kidding. No offense meant to anyone of any faith. Just playing the stereotypes.)


Comment by acbowman

Adam, yes, you have the right idea, but I’d say your priorities are backward: I’d recommend drinking heavily FIRST and then kissing Madonna.

Meanwhile, I’m not even touching your “sixth day” comment…still, it’s good to know I’ll have a friend in hell–maybe we can carpool! 😉


Comment by rarab

I get the “you’re going to hell” comment a fair amount.

My response is “at least I’ll be with friends.”

Although, I think that in hell we have to drive SUV’s and leave them idling at all times.


Comment by acbowman

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