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Is the Green Movement Sexy? Well… it has a great personality. by acbowman
February 13, 2008, 11:47 am
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Sexy isn’t a product of language alone.

Scientifically it is all pheromones.

But you might make the argument that pheromones are a driving force in lust rather than true attraction.

I argue that it is the personality that is the driving force in true sexiness. So what could be called the “personality” of the green movement? Would you call these environmentalists sexy or cool? Or do you secretly want to give them a wedgie and steal their lunch money?

So how can greenies create a sexy personality? Humor is definitely one way to do it. You can forgive a lot of flaws in exchange for a great sense of humor. However humor is a slippery slope. As George Spyros was saying, you can use the power for good or evil.

Another sexy trait is intelligence. (I know guys, but trust me, a smart woman is very sexy) So unlike this Australian Senator, we need politicians to be smart about the environment.

Another area of green communication that is lacking intelligence is the media. Our approach to the issue seems to be more about creating black and white issues than green issues. Any politically neutral messages are a quick bullet point presentation of ways to green our lives. Any in depth discussion tries to create conflict sometimes ignorantly as well.

So really sexing up green is making it smart and funny. Or as George Spyros was saying, witty.

Unless we can somehow find green pheromones, and get people lusting after the environment, we need to focus on the personality of green and get people attracted to the movement.

Adam Bowman


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Ahh a journalist after my own heart – smart is sexy!
When I did a quick search to find a definition of sexy that would resonate with this post, this came up:

lush [lush]
1. growing vigorously: producing a lot of vigorous rich young growth
2. with rich taste: tasting rich, sweet, and juicy
3. luxurious: with luxurious decoration and furnishings
4. in dramatic style: written in a dramatic style that is intended to produce an emotional response
5. sexy: voluptuously sensual in appearance or behavior ( informal )
[15th century. Probably alteration of obsolete lash “loose, weak,” via Old French, “soft” < Latin laxus “loose”]
lush·ly adverb
lush·ness noun

Perhaps what we need is to revel in is our lushness – food that is “with rich taste,” crops/ jobs/ an economy that is “growing vigorously,” beautiful eco-things that are “luxurious,” and environmental reportage that is “in dramatic style.”

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500

I liked how you dissected the “science” behind being sexy– trying to create an experiment, a mold, a make-up for environmentalism. In any way possible we can sex up the environment, I’m all for it. But, is intelligence going to handle it? What’s going to speak to the Joe Schmo’s out there on a farm who probably don’t know the meaning of sexy? What will get the average person’s attention? We need to get to the core of people’s instict and attraction to a certain object (may it be pheremones, I don’t know), and play it up.

Danae DeShazer

Comment by Danae DeShazer


We as the communicators need to be smart in the way we frame the message and be smart about the issue.

What I mean is, we need to know what we are talking about when we talk to Joe Schmo farmer. Just cause we know something about environmental impact, doesn’t mean we know what it is to be a farmer.

That’s what I mean by being smart. Not a data head, but communicatively savvy.


Comment by acbowman

Hey now, Joe Schmoe farmers know sexy. Just because it’s a knotted up flannel shirt, work boots, and a sock tan doesn’t mean it’s not there! Your point about not knowing what it’s like to be in others people shoes is good – personally, sock tans are not my thing – and it has a lot to do with what we are currently dealing with in the Kansas legislation.
People in communities in western Kansas really want these two Holcomb coal-fired power plants, and most of us can’t understand why, or how, they could feel that way. We may not ever be able to fully understand, but we do need to take their viewpoint into consideration so we can better communicate to everyone our own ideas.

Jennifer Kongs

Comment by jkongs

Hey Adam
Your take on media and the green movement was provocative and thought provoking. You’re definitely right to some degree. Sexy attracts folks both physically AND mentally, but in a movement as important as the Green movement, I personally think it’s going to take more than just a few witty comments to make the message appealing. Sure, wit and intelligence can make it more approachable, but can ‘sexying’ up the Green movement eventually belittle the intentions of the movement as well? It doesn’t really help to make the movement a sustainable, effective one. Rather it formats conservation and enviornmentalism as the next media trend. And as I’m sure you know, environmentalism isn’t just a short term commitment.

Comment by verohero

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