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the environment is bringing sexy back… yeah! by dmdeshazer
February 12, 2008, 1:40 pm
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So, remember back in the day when tobacco ads were controversial? You know, selling smokes to kids wasn’t cool. When I got down to thinking about it, advertisers did something phenomenal to cigarettes. They made the nasty little sticks look somewhat attractive, enticing, and… sexy.

I mean, come on! If a man who has been havin’ some lady troubles saw this ad, I know he’d be jumping to buy this cigarette. Really though? Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere – sounds like a stalker to me. And who wants to blow smoke in someone’s face anyway – rude. But, it got the point across. Smoking = you’re neat.

Next, we can never forget the “Kool” Joe Camel, obviously the epitome of cool.

I want to be smooth! Pick me, pick me! Pretty soon, these ads got banned because of the negative health side effects (who knew?) of cigarettes. But, what made this popular for so long? People wanted to do it because “the cool kids were.” Now, I don’t care if your parents said to you when you were little, “If Timmy-Bob jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Because, when you look to the people you admire, I think deep down a lot of you would follow in their footsteps.

So what’s going to make the environment sexy? I know, I know, who can compare tobacco to the environment. But look at it this way. Tobacco made something totally not cool (no offense to the smokers out there) into something people desired. Although environmentalism is actually a cool thing, there are obviously people who don’t think this way or something would have been done about climate change, recycling, etc. a long-ass time ago.

Look at it this way: Unless you’re completely turned on by the sweet smell of grass and clean, natural water rushing against your skin (hey, that does sound kind of nice), then we’re going to have to come up with something entirely new. What’s something we’re all kind of obsessed with, whether you admit it or not? HELLO? Celebrities. We envy their lifestyles, looks, relationships, etc. So, why aren’t there environmental campaigns by “sexy” individuals?

Sorry Arnold. I know some people think you’re sexy, but we need something a little more…. fresh. How about this? [I tried to upload a photo I edited, but I can’t really figure it out. So I’ll just have to improvise] The face of Recycling: BRAD PITT. With his shirt off. Or, Jessica Alba for the guys, I guess. Anyway, if we make going green look sexy and cool and fun, who wouldn’t want to join in? If a speedo-clad Brad Pitt was lying on a hybrid car covered in soap suds… you know I’d go out and buy a hybrid. I think environmentalists are too stuck into the facts— “People will simply want to ‘go green’ because it’s better for Mother Nature.” Blah, blah, blah.

Give me a half-naked hottie carrying a reusable grocery bag, and I’m sold.

–Danae DeShazer


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Thank goodness some sexy celebs have started attaching their faces to this movement. I’m not the hippest when it comes to celebrity happenings (I’m a cableless, Cosmoless country dweller) but I’ve heard a lot lately about movie stars and popular music artists getting into the environmental movement. Leo DiCaprio’s work on the “11th Hour” is the biggest example I can think of, and there is the website ecorazzi that was put up in another blog that follows celebs who are going green.

Jennifer Kongs

Comment by jkongs

Excellent historical references! And leveraging celebrity can’t be underestimated. It ties into the coolness factor and it works. Here’s Brad in all his green glory. But does that need to be an area of concern? Should we care if someone buys a hybrid because they want to reduce carbon emissions or because Cameron Diaz owns one? Does the intention matter if the results are the same?

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500

[…] J500/ES624 Media & The Environment wrote an interesting post today on the environment is bringing sexy back… yeah!Here’s a quick excerptSo I’ll just have to improvise] The face of Recycling: BRAD PITT. With his shirt off. Or, Jessica Alba for the guys, I guess…. […]

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Honestly– as long as the result is good, I’m not really sure if I care whether it’s out of a certain intention or not. It’s kind of like a marketing trick to get what you want, and the good thing about it, is that helping the environment is a great pay-off no matter which way you dice it.

Danae Deshazer

Comment by Danae DeShazer

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