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Environmentalism…you sexy thing. by denah
February 12, 2008, 10:50 pm
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Hmm…making environmentalism sexy…is it possible? I have to wonder what Arnold actually meant by this statement. I actually laughed out loud when he compared environmentalism to body building. There are moments like this when it is so difficult to take him seriously (because all I can think of is him killing terrorists in his movie “True Lies”.) On the contrary, Arnold brings up a valid point about the necessity for environmental activism. One approach of getting attention is through SEX.

When I think of making environmentalism sexy, my mind quickly runs back to this article on “How to Green your Sex Life” that I had found on Treehugger.com after our discussion in class last Thursday. I think about how appealing, attractive, and desirable this truly is to consumers. Well of course environmentalism is going sell when you relate it to SEX!

You know what else sells…celebrities. The use of celebrities to promote environmentalism is so smart. Why? Because it so works! Celebrities are motivational. Everybody (when I use the term ‘everybody’…I really mean ‘generally’) wants to be like celebs in one way or another. For example, Oprah. When Oprah helps promote environmentalism and the need to be more enviornmentally conscious to American middle-aged mothers, it sells in a snap. It’s inspiring.

Well that is the first step. The second step is making it possible for consumers to even obtain these products to be able to promote environmentalism. The cost of organic clothing, cleaning products, and cars are wild. How can I, a college student, be able to even promote the cause without having any money?

Although some of us out there are financially challenged, Arnold was onto something. Right? His humorous approach to environmentalism helps the release of this certain anxiety that is held about the notion that our world is literally crumbling into pieces. Humor is contagious, therefore spreading word about needing to help our enviornment will hopefully be contagious too.

What do you think??

-Dena Hart


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You kind of get a pass for being late because you included a video with me in it 🙂
Seriously, you raise an important question – how can we be sexy for all? And to probe a little further, why does sex sell? Is it simply because it’s salacious or is it because it resonates with something deeper inside of us (no pun intended)?
When we talk about advocacy journalism and the idea that environmental issues require us to act, we are touching upon a very sensitive area – that of changing mental models and shifting behaviors. Does intimacy/ sex help make that more palatable or at least less intimidating?

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500


I agree that celebrities can be a huge asset in the green movement. However, I also don’t put a lot of stock in celebrity intelligence.

Again, there are some caring smart celebs out there who can and do help.

But it still makes a difference in how the celebrity frames the message. If their not care full they could look like the Tom Cruise of the environmental movement.

Adam Bowman

Comment by acbowman

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